AWS Management: How To Save 30% On Your MongoDB Hosting Costs

At ScaleGrid, we offer multiple hosting models to help reduce your hosting costs. Recently, we were contacted by a potential customer – looking to reduce their MongoDB hosting costs. They were using one of our competitors and running a three node replica set (30GB RAM, 320 GB SSD, C3.4xlarge). Their net cost was about 3.7k/month.

The ScaleGrid ‘Management model‘ allows you to ‘Bring your own AWS account and host your database clusters in your own AWS account.

This has two important benefits:

  1.  Cost reduction – You can buy reserved instances which saves a considerable amount.
  2. Security – You can lock down access to your MongoDB instances using AWS  security groups. This makes security much more manageable – IP whitelists can be fragile and difficult to manage over time.

AWS reserved instances provide you a significant discount (up to 75%) over on-demand instances. To gain access to this reduced cost. you commit to running the instance for 1 year or 3 years. You also have the option to make an upfront payment to reduce your rates even further. Reserved instances are a billing construct and no code change is necessary to use them with your existing instances. More details can be found in the AWS reserved instances documentation.

Explained below are the costs for the above cluster in the ScaleGrid management model. (For simplicity I have excluded network costs).

The machine cost assumes a 1 yr reserved instance pricing model with no upfront payment. If you are willing to make an upfront payment the costs go down further. For simplicity, I have not included network costs.

Configuration: X2XLarge 3 node replica set (34GB, 320GB SSD, C3.4XLarge)

ScaleGrid management cost: $1050
Machine + disk cost: $1478
Total cost:  $2528/month (32% cost saving )

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As you can see above, the ‘Management model’ can save you significant amounts of money and also simplify your security setup.

the 'Management model' can save you significant amounts of money and also simplify your security setup. Click To Tweet

As always, if you have further questions you can contact us at [email protected] or find out more on our  AWS Hosting page.