Bring Your Own Cloud Available for DigitalOcean

Since our release of our fully managed dedicated database hosting on DigitalOcean, we have gotten many questions regarding the potential support for Bring Your Own Cloud on DigitalOcean. Today we can proudly announce that full support for BYOC on DigitalOcean is available in our console.

With BYOC on DigitalOcean, you get all the benefits of a fully managed DBaaS, while all your databases are hosted within your own DigitalOcean account. You also get SSH access to the underlying machines of your deployment. This allows you to leverage external plugins and tools to better support your deployment and improve performance. A feature exclusively available to BYOC deployments on DigitalOcean is the ability to utilize Virtual Private Clouds, or VPC for short. VPC networks provide a more secure connection between resources because the network is inaccessible from the public internet and other VPC networks.

Are you using the DigitalOcean App Platform to deploy your app? By hosting your databases with ScaleGrid directly in your own DigitalOcean account, you get seamless integration with the DigitalOcean App Platform. By keeping your app and database on the same platform in a VPC, you get a secure platform with low latency.

Another advantage of using VPCs on DigitalOcean to connect between your application and database is that traffic between them is not considered towards your bandwidth usage, allowing you to save on your bandwidth costs.

Get started with ScaleGrid today!

To get started with BYOC on DigitalOcean, all you need to do is set up a cloud profile in our console, and then start deploying. Within a few minutes, you can have a fully managed MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis™, or MongoDB® database up and running. With 24/7 enterprise-level support packages, everyday management and optimization of your databases is a thing of the past. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today, no credit card required, and you can be up and running on ScaleGrid in no time.

If you are a startup company, you will also be able to leverage your DigitalOcean startup credits towards the machine costs when using ScaleGrid BYOC. Combine this with the discount from our startup program (50% off for up to 12 months), and you can make huge savings on your database hosting and management costs.

Interested in learning more about ScaleGrid?

To learn more about how ScaleGrid can help you manage your databases on DigitalOcean, reach out to us and we can discuss. Learn more about how ScaleGrid can let you focus more on developing your product, and less on managing databases.

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