Help define an awesome MongoDB GUI tool

Since launching a few months back, we have heard one question consistently from our customers. That is – a recommendation for a MongoDB GUI that they can use to query data with. Most are looking for something similar to SQL Server management studio or MySQL workbench. We spent some time looking around what was available in the market today. MongoHub and MongoVue were the most popular options we found but they weren’t being actively maintained.

Considering that, we would like to reach out to the community today to help us get started with defining an awesome MongoDB GUI. We have created a short survey to help understand what the community wants to see in this tool. We will compile the response and post either an info-graphic for the community to view in the coming week. We have tried to keep the form extremely simple and will followup with folks that express interest. If you have any comments, feel free to post them in Hacker news.

Click here if you cannot see the form above.

Dharshan is the founder of (formerly He is an experienced MongoDB developer and administrator. He can be reached for further comment at @dharshanrg