Import Data into your Newly Created MongoDB Instances

You can now import data into your MongoDB servers as a part of the new server MongoDB creation wizard. The import data step of the creation wizards gives you the option of importing data from an existing MongoDB instance.


You need to enter the following details

  1. Server – Enter the server name of your MongoDB server. If you have a port other than 27017 you can append the port to the server name. For example, server1:23456
  2. Database – Enter the name of the database
  3. Username/password – This is the username and password of a user in the database that you’re trying to import. If the database does not have authentication enabled, you can leave them empty.

Once your MongoDB servers are created, you can also import other databases using MongoDB commands. This blog post goes into more detail – Importing data into MongoDB. Check out our documentation for instructions on Importing MongoDB Data From a Remote Server into a newly created cluster at ScaleGrid.