Deploying MongoDB Replica Sets Across Regions on AWS

You can now distribute your MongoDB hosting replicas across different regions in Amazon AWS with a single click. You no longer need to worry that all of your replicas are in a single region and are vulnerable to the failure of an entire AWS region, as experienced in April of 2011.

Choose the number of replicas you want in your MongoDB on AWS cluster and the region in which each replica will be deployed – it’s as simple as that! All your existing scenarios of backup, restore, clone and monitoring will work the same way as in a single region. For example, in the example above, I’ve deployed one replica in the US-East Virginia region, one replica in N. California, and one replica in Oregon.

ScaleGrid now gives you two options for high availability and disaster recovery:

  1. Deploy Replicas in a Single AWS Region

    Deploy your replicas in a single region and ScaleGrid will smartly distribute your replica’s across different availability zones in the region. This is a great option if you want to locate all the replicas in close proximity to each other and still be fault tolerant.

  2. Deploy Replicas Across Different AWS Regions

    Deploy your replicas across different AWS regions to give your database higher tolerance to the failure of an entire AWS region.

ScaleGrid supports MongoDB on 14 different AWS datacenter regions across the globe. Want to ensure high availability for your deployment? Check out this Geographically Distributed MongoDB Replica Sets for 100% Uptime blog to learn how.