Monitoring MongoDB Instances Using MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS)

MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS) by 10gen is a versatile and powerful monitoring solution for your MongoDB hosting instances. MMS makes it very easy to monitor important counters and metrics for your MongoDB instances. It also enables you to set up alerts to monitor the uptime and availability of your instances. At ScaleGrid, we make it really easy for you to monitor your MongoDB instances with MMS.

  1. Create an MMS Account

    Visit the MMS site to create your account.

    Mongodirector mms setup

  2. Retrieve the Agent API Key

    Login to MMS and navigate to the settings page to retrieve the Agent API key.

    MMS select agent api key

    MMS agent pick up the API key

  3. Add Your API Key

    Log into the ScaleGrid console and navigate to the settings tab to add your API key. Thats it! After you save the keys, every instance you create is automatically enabled for monitoring in MMS!

    MMS set api key

    Once your keys are set, all your existing instances and the new MongoDB instances you create will be automatically configured for monitoring. It takes MMS a couple of minutes to detect newer instances and start collecting data. You can login to your console and start monitoring your instances.

  4. Add ScaleGrid to Your MMS Account

    Add “[email protected]” as a user in your MMS account. This will enable ScaleGrid support to share your MMS view and answer any questions you might have about performance. In your MMS accout, click on the Users tab and then click the “Add/Invite User” button:

    MongoDirector MMS step 2

    MongoDIrector MMS step1



  5. Add Your Hosts to MMS

    Add your hosts to MMS as a pre-existing host. Click the ‘Add host’ button in the right to add your existing hosts to MMS. You can use the ‘admin’ user and credentials for the admin user:

    addhost to mongodb cloud manager

Last Updated: 09/09/2015