Now Available: Fully Hosted MongoDB Instances on AWS

ScaleGrid now provides fully hosted MongoDB – hosting all of your EC2 machines and S3 backups. This means you’re no longer required to bring your own Amazon account, though this option does have the benefit of bringing your AWS startup hosting credits for MongoDB. Through our hosting plans, you keep full admin access to all your machines. All the ScaleGrid functionality of backups, restores, clones, and stats work the same as our MongoDB management solutions on AWS. Click here for an overview of the ScaleGrid machine pool/cloud profile concept.

You now have two options for working with machine pools – if you wish to utilize the fully hosted option, choose the System machine pools. If you wish to deploy your mongo instances into your own AWS account, create your own custom machine pool, or AWS Cloud Profile.

In the Machine Pools tab, all the system machine pools are prefixed by “SYSTEM-” keyword. The pricing model is different if you decide to use the fully hosted option. You can check out the details here. “System” machine pools are available for all 14 AWS EC2 regions.