Redis Hosting On Your Own AWS Account

ScaleGrid enables you to deploy and manage Redis on your AWS account.

ScaleGrid enables you to deploy and manage Redis on your AWS account. Click To TweetManage Redis clusters in your own AWS account. This approach has several advantages which are:

  • You don’t need to expose your Redis servers to the internet. You can control access to the Redis clusters in your account with AWS security groups
  • Buy reserved instances and save up to 30% on your hosting costs
  • VPC support
  • Full admin access to the underlying machines

Step 1: Create a cloud profile for your AWS account


1. Enter your AWS keys. You can also create a custom IAM user using the ScaleGrid IAM policy:


2. Select your region:



3. Choose your deployment style – ‘Classic’ or ‘VPC’. In this example, we will pick a VPC public subnet:



4. Select the VPC and subnet to be used for the server:

5. Select the security group to be associated with the Redis servers:



Step 2: Deploy a cluster with the Cloud profiles that were created in the previous step

1. Choose Name, version, and size of your Redis deployment:

2. Distribute replicas across Az’s for high availability:



3. Select ‘Caching’ mode if you are using Redis as a cache:



4. Select your persistence options – Periodic RDB snapshots and/or AOF. Also, select the backup schedule for your deployment:



5. Enable ‘Encryption at rest’ for your Redis persistence data if needed:


Click ‘Create’ to create the deployment. ¬†As always if you have further questions please feel free to contact us at

Please check out Redis hosting on our Redis product page for more info.


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