ScaleGrid Hosting For Redis™ On Your Own AWS Account

ScaleGrid enables you to deploy and manage Redis™* through your own AWS account. Managing your Redis™ clusters in your own AWS account has several advantages, including:

  • You don’t need to expose your Redis™ servers to the internet. You can control access to the Redis™ clusters in your account with AWS security groups.
  • Buy reserved instances and save up to 30% on your hosting costs.
  • VPC support.
  • Full admin access to the underlying machines.

Step 1: Create a cloud profile for your AWS account


1. Enter your AWS keys. You can also create a custom IAM user using the ScaleGrid IAM policy:


2. Select your region:



3. Choose your deployment style – ‘Classic’ or ‘VPC’. In this example, we will pick a VPC public subnet:



4. Select the VPC and subnet to be used for the server:

5. Select the security group to be associated with the Redis™ servers:



Step 2: Deploy a cluster with the Cloud Profiles that were created in the previous step

1. Choose Name, version, and size of your deployment for Redis™:

2. Distribute replicas across AZ’s for high availability:



3. Select ‘Caching’ mode if you are using Redis™ as a cache:



4. Select your persistence options – Periodic RDB snapshots and/or AOF. Also, select the backup schedule for your deployment:



5. Enable ‘Encryption at rest’ for your Redis™ persistence data if needed:


Click ‘Create’ to create the deployment.  As always if you have further questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Please check out ScaleGrid Hosting for Redis™ for more info.