Catalyst Education simplifies database management and increases performance with ScaleGrid


Highly performant and reliable MySQL databases hosted on Google Cloud Platform with ScaleGrid’s DBaaS.


MySQL on GCP with ScaleGrid makes database hosting and management scalable and cost-effective.


A simple console with an overview of all their metrics and statistics. Analytical tools helps debug queries and speeds up troubleshooting.


Fully automated MySQL deplotments, reducing their time spent managing the database and allowing focus to shift to development.

As a small but growing organization, it’s critical that we continually evaluate how we utilize our finite time and capital. Of course, we could hire a fulltime DevOps engineering and database administrator to support our growing database needs. This would introduce significant resource costs, management concerns and organization-owned risks. However, we want to focus on building great learning software while keeping our costs and risk low. ScaleGrid is a great solution for a Database-as-a-Service platform that makes this possible.

Tim Smith | CTO of Catalyst Education

About Catalyst Education
Catalyst Education has built a powerful learning platform for higher education science students and instructors. Their mission is to improve student learning outcomes, with a focus on student persistence, in order to deliver the scientists, engineers, problem-solvers, and informed voters that are needed to adequately face the myriad challenges the world faces in the 21st century. Catalyst’s platform, Labflow, prepares students for in-lab success in chemistry and biology courses with pre-lab preparation and post-lab coaching. In addition, Labflow enhances the teaching efficacy of teaching assistants and instructors by streamlining lab course administration, reducing grading time, and delivering valuable analytics on grading consistency and the learning performance of students.

Catalyst Education’s Challenge

Catalyst Education is experiencing immense growth, as they anticipate almost 150,000 students in the upcoming 2023 school year, up 60% from the prior year. Their small and efficient product and engineering team continues to deliver tremendous additional value to customers over that time. Delivering the learning platform’s value at increased scale, while also improving software performance over time, requires a robust software infrastructure. Database performance, scalability, availability, powerful management, and simple maintenance are critical to meet the company’s goals of significant student growth while also capturing the associated large amounts of student data to provide valuable learning analytics. As the organization experienced growth, customer demands intensified, and the urgency to expedite go-to-market initiatives became evident. Given the integral role of database management in the delivery of their products and services, the maintenance of readily accessible, up-to-date, and high-performing MySQL databases was a critical aspect of daily operations. Ensuring that the database infrastructure and support met customer expectations in terms of availability, functionality, and performance was a top priority for the organization.

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