DBaaS Pricing

Fully managed MySQL, Redis, and MongoDB hosting pricing on public clouds AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean.

Get 50% off when you switch from mLab, MongoDB Atlas, Compose, or Amazon RDS, or Azure DB
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Pricing starts at $8/mo

Bring Your Own Cloud Pricing

Manage your MongoDB, Redis, and MySQL clusters in the safety of your own cloud account.

BYOC Pricing: Host MongoDB and Redis in your own AWS or Azure cloud account Host in Your Own AWS or Azure Account
BYOC Pricing: Save up to 75% on long-term hosting costs with AWS or Azure Reserved Instances Reserved Instances Support
BYOC Pricing: MongoDB and Redis shard support for data distribution through horizontal scaling Shard Support
BYOC Pricing: Save on Redis and MongoDB hosting costs with customizable RAM, disk, and instance types Customizable RAM, Disk & Instances
BYOC Pricing: Get High Availability hosting for MongoDB and Redis on AWS or Azure High Availability
BYOC Pricing: Run MongoDB and Redis in virtual private cloud AWS VPC and Azure VNET AWS VPC & Azure VNET Support
BYOC Pricing: Automate your MongoDB and Redis backups through a customizable schedule with one-click restores Automated Backups
BYOC Pricing: Get free 24/7 support from MongoDB and Redis database experts Free 24/7 Support
BYOC Pricing: Host MongoDB and Redis in your own AWS or Azure account on dedicated servers Dedicated Servers
BYOC Pricing: Get 24/7 monitoring and custom alerts on any MongoDB or Redis metric Monitoring & Custom Alerts
BYOC Pricing: Slow Query Analysis for MongoDB and Redis to identify queries slowing down your application Slow Query Analysis
BYOC Pricing: Keep full SSH root access to the underlying machine SSH Access to Underlying Machine

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Bring your AWS or Azure credits and dynamically scale your database so you never overpay for hosting.

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Supercharge your nonprofit mission with fully managed databases hosted in the cloud.

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Shared Cluster Pricing

Affordable and highly-available shared MongoDB hosting in docker containers for only $10/GB. Fully managed deployments, monitoring, and maintenance - perfect for light-production workloads and dev/test environments.

Shared Cluster Pricing for MongoDB Hosting on AWS: Free Backups, WiredTiger Storage Engine, and Snappy Compression

(Size on Disk)

$ /month


  • Snappy Compression
  • WiredTiger Storage Engine
  • 3 Node Replica Set
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Full Mongo-Admin Access
  • Free Backups
  • MongoDB 3.4.9
  • Automatic Scaling

  $10/GB Shared plans start at 2GB/month with no storage limits. Billed for highest storage that month in USD (not prorated), and automatically scale based on data size, not RAM. Learn more

Shared Cluster Pricing: MongoDB Slow Query Analysis to debug and troubleshoot issues slowing down your application Slow Query Analysis
Shared Cluster Pricing: MongoDB Web-Based Shell Management tools to manage your database operations remotely Web-Based MongoDB Shell
Shared Cluster Pricing: MongoDB Index Management for Application feature included in plan Index Management for Application
Shared Cluster Pricing: MongoDB Disk Compression to increase the amount of information stored on your server Disk Compression
Shared Cluster Pricing: MongoDB Data Imports included free for easy migration and zero downtime MongoDB hosting Data Imports
Shared Cluster Pricing: Dynamically scale your MongoDB hosting on AWS with no downtime in one click Dynamic Scaling
Shared Cluster Pricing: All-inclusive pricing for MongoDB Hosting on AWS, including monitoring, management and maintenance tools All-Inclusive Pricing
Shared Cluster Pricing: MongoDB Scheduled & On-Demand Backups for easy reconstruction in a disaster recovery event Scheduled & On-Demand Backups
Shared Cluster Pricing: MongoDB One-Click Restores make it easy to recover your data in backups One-Click Restores
Shared Cluster Pricing: MongoDB MongoDB Monitoring Console to analyze database performance and key metrics MongoDB Monitoring Console
Shared Cluster Pricing: MongoDB Custom Alerts on any Mongo metric or OS metric with instant notifications Custom Alerts
Shared Cluster Pricing: MongoDB hosting free 24/7 support from database experts and developers Free 24/7 Support
Pricing starts at $18/mo

Dedicated Cluster Pricing

All-inclusive MySQL, Redis, and MongoDB hosting fully managed on AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean.

Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Scale MongoDB and Redis on-demand with zero downtime, pay for what you need On-Demand Scaling
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Automated Backups for MongoDB and Redis through a custom schedule, or on-demand Automated Backups
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: High Availability of your MongoDB and Redis deployments High Availability
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: High-Performance SSD clusters for high read and write MongoDB and Redis throughput High-Performance SSD
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Host MongoDB and Redis on high availability dedicated servers Dedicated Machines
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Full SSH access to the underlying machine and install custom software agents SSH Access to Underlying Machine
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Slow Query Analysis for analyzing MongoDB and Redis operations and troublesome queries Slow Query Analysis
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Customize your RAM, disk size, and instance type on AWS, Azure or DigitalOcean Customizable RAM, Disk & Instances
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Schema Analysis for MongoDB and Redis on AWS, Azure or DigitalOcean Schema Analysis
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Get Monthly Reports on Redis and MongoDB performance, usage and growth Monthly Reports
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: MongoDB and Redis shard support for data distribution through horizontal scaling Shard Scaling & Support
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Index Optimization for MongoDB and Redis on AWS, Azure and DigitalOcean Index Optimization

Consulting & Professional Services

Looking for help on an advanced hosting and management scenario? Our database experts are available for special projects to help you customize and optimize your infrastructure operations.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you help me manage MongoDB, Redis, and MySQL?

We significantly reduce your database management, monitoring, and maintenance time, while optimizing your IT consumption and improving your deployment performance.

Do I get to keep full admin control over my databases?

Yes! ScaleGrid is the only DBaaS that allows you to keep 100% admin control over your MongoDB, Redis, and MySQL clusters, and SSH root access to the underlying machine.

What size companies do you work with?

We work with companies of all sizes, from Startup to Enterprise businesses. Our dynamic plans scale to your exact needs so you never overpay for premature scale and are prepared for growth at a moments notice.


What are my options for hosting MongoDB, Redis, and MySQL?

You can host in your own account through our Bring Your Own Cloud plans, with us through our Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting plans on AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean, or in your own on-premise data centers through our Enterprise plans.

Is it easy to migrate to ScaleGrid?

Absolutely! You can import data from an existing instance into your MongoDB or Redis server for free. We can also do a live import if you have admin access on your current database. Our support team is available 24/7 to help with your migration.

How are you different from Atlas, mLab or Compose.io?

We're the only Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution that allows you to host through your own cloud account in our Bring Your Own Cloud plans so you can save up to 75% on long-term hosting costs with Reserved Instances. Compare our MongoDB, Redis, and MySQL plans to see how our deep toolset surpasses our competitors.