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Looking for an alternative to Amazon RDS? Apply to save 30% on your database hosting and management costs forever at ScaleGrid.*

Move to the #1 DBaaS Alternative to Amazon RDS

ScaleGrid is the #1 Amazon RDS alternative, and lets you use a single console for all your database management needs. Take back control of your deployments with superuser admin access and SSH access. Automate your disaster recovery, high availability, and slow query analysis in the cloud.

Break out of your current Amazon RDS plan and improve your SQL and NoSQL database performance with the only DBaaS that allows you to customize and control your deployments. Automate your database management on a wide variety of cloud providers, including AWS, so you can get back to what matters most, developing your applications.

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Index management allows you to view, remove, modify and monitor your indexes

Save 75% on long-term hosting costs

ScaleGrid is the only multi-cloud DBaaS that lets you leverage Reserved Instances with no contract.
Best Database Hosting Tools: Slow Query Analysis, generate heat maps and identify queries that need indexes

Fully automated database operations

Access advanced features and tools that allow you to fully automate your database management.
ScaleGrid Hosting - Reserved Instances Support (AWS & Azure)

Take back control of your deployments

Get superuser admin access to your databases, as well as SSH access to your machines with our BYOC offering.
Features: Bring Your Own Cloud plans let you host in your own AWS or Azure account

One single console for all your databases

Manage MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis™*, and MongoDB® database from one easy-to-use console

RDS Migration Deal Overview

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30% Discount, Forever

DBaaS Plan

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Long-Term Cost Savings

Get 2x better performance than Amazon RDS at the same cost with ScaleGrid’s fully managed, all-inclusive DBaaS alternative. Check out the Amazon RDS vs. ScaleGrid MySQL benchmark report to see how ScaleGrid achieves 200% better throughput performance at 50% the latency compared to Amazon RDS.

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30% discount on BYOC and Dedicated Hosting plans when you switch from a competitor.

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