Deploy ScaleGrid DBaaS for Redis™ in AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) enables you to provision a private network on the AWS Cloud. With VPC you can define your own subnets and also control routes between your subnets. Amazon VPC is an ideal environment to deploy your Redis™* clusters.  You can prevent your clusters from being exposed to the internet and also lock down access from your internal servers using AWS Security groups.

ScaleGrid makes it trivial to deploy and manage Redis™ standalone and Master-slave nodes in an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The Redis™ instances can be deployed in a private subnet or a public subnet.

In this blog post, we will go through the steps to deploy a highly available three-node (Master-Slave-Slave) Redis™ configuration across three AZ’s in a VPC.

Step 1: Create a Redis™ ‘Cloud Profile’ for your VPC subnets

You can also check out our AWS Cloud Profile setup guide.

1. Enter your AWS keys. You can also set up a custom IAM policy for ScaleGrid:rediscloudprofile1

2. Pick your AWS region:rediscloudprofile2

3. Select your Deployment type as ‘VPC’:rediscloudprofile3

4. Select your VPC and subnet:rediscloudprofile4

5. Select the security group you want to associate with your Redis™ servers (the same security group has to be chosen for all the Cloud Profiles):rediscloud5

6. Name the VPC Cloud Profile and click create:rediscloudprofile6

7. Create two more VPC profiles for two more subnets in two different AZ’s:

Step 2: Deploy Redis™ Master/Slave nodes to the newly created Cloud Profiles

1. Select Redis™ name, version and machine size:rediscluster1

2. Deploy each node in a separate VPC subnet/Cloud Profile:rediscluster2

3. Select Redis™ cache options:rediscluster3

4. Select Redis™ persistence and backup options:rediscluster4

5. Choose encryption at rest if needed:rediscluster5

6. Click create to create the cluster!

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