PostgreSQL Hosting

Fully managed PostgreSQL hosting with high availability, dedicated servers, and superuser control on the #1 multi-cloud Amazon RDS alternative.

MySQL Slow Query Analyzer at ScaleGrid - Optimize your cloud database performance

Customize & Control Your PostgreSQL Deployments

Easily deploy, monitor, provision, and scale your open source PostgreSQL clusters in the cloud through one easy-to-use management console. See why ScaleGrid is the #1 database hosting and management provider:

DBaaS Benefits: Bring Your Own Cloud

Multi-Cloud Support

Improve your cloud reliability with multi-cloud support on Azure, AWS, GCP and DigitalOcean.
DBaaS Benefits: Get Superuser Access

Superuser Database Access

The only DBaaS that lets you keep full superuser admin control over your PostgreSQL deployments.

SSH Access To The Machine

Keep full SSH root access to the underlying machines, and install custom software agents.
ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Differentiators: Easily transition cloud services with fully adaptable and compatible no vendor lock-in

No Vendor Lock-In

Easily migrate between cloud service providers (CSP) without any technical complications.
ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Differentiators: Plugin and extension support for MySQL allows you to install custom components

Plugin Support

Install any custom PostgreSQL extension you need with no restrictions.
DBaaS Benefits: We handle all of your log rotations, database upgrades, OS patchings automatically and much more for you on a monthly and on-demand basis

Use Any Instance Type

Use any instance type to match your workload, and use with Local SSD: EC2: I3.x, C5d.x, Azure: L4.x

Monitor Your PostgreSQL Performance

Access advanced PostgreSQL monitoring tools, reports, and alerts to optimize your deployments:

Monitoring Console
Slow Query Analyzer
Monthly Reports
SwiftEngine Case Study: ScaleGrid Featured Customer Story on Database Management in the Cloud

Deploy open source PostgreSQL on community versions 9.6.12 and 10.9

Host PostgreSQL in the Cloud of Your Choice

Access the Best SQL Management Features

Create a Cluster in Minutes

Provision a new PostgreSQL cluster in just a few clicks. Deploy on your version of choice, customize your VM size, distribute replicas across different cloud regions, and configure your security and firewall requirements in four simple steps.

Save up to 65% on your PostgreSQL monitoring costs with fully managed ScaleGrid DBaaS plans
Licensing Cost
Save up to 35% on your PostgreSQL log reduction costs with fully managed ScaleGrid DBaaS plans
Management & Support Costs
Save up to 20% on your PostgreSQL OS Patching costs with fully managed ScaleGrid DBaaS plans
Development Time

Reduce Costs with Open Source PostgreSQL

Ready to migrate to Postgres from a commercial RDBMS like Oracle, DB2, or SQL Server? We make it easy to get up and running on PostgreSQL, and take care of all your operations so you can focus on development. Check out the 2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report to see the top reasons why PostgreSQL is used over another RDBMS.

What's The Difference In PostgreSQL DBaaS Plans?

Bring Your Own Cloud

The only DBaaS that lets you host and manage PostgreSQL in your own cloud account, with advanced features to customize, secure, and automate your operations.

Dedicated Hosting

Fully automate your PostgreSQL hosting, management, and monitoring in the cloud through one all-inclusive platform to optimize your database management operations.

On-Premise Software

Automate your time-consuming PostgreSQL operational tasks in your own on-premise or private cloud environment so your DBA team can focus on application.

SwiftEngine Case Study: ScaleGrid Featured Customer Story on Database Management in the Cloud

Compare PostgreSQL DBaaS at ScaleGrid vs. Amazon RDS, Azure Database, and Compose

PostgreSQL Cloud Pricing

Fully managed PostgreSQL hosting on AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean or Google Cloud Platform:

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PostgreSQL Frequently Asked Questions

PostgreSQL is a free and open source relational database management system, the fourth most popular SQL database, and the fastest growing database in the world. It’s extensibility and high technical standards has earned a strong reputation for reliability, feature robustness, and performance.

See our list for the best PostgreSQL GUI.

PostgreSQL has been widely adopted across numerous industries for its exceptional analytics capabilities and Common Table Expressions (CTEs), including the Financial, Government, Manufacturing, SaaS Applications, and Big Data markets to name a few.

As an open source technology, PostgreSQL is free to use with no licensing costs, which can save you thousands up to millions each year over a commercial RDBMS. The top reasons why PostgreSQL is used also include its active community support, high performance, 3rd party tools, ease of use, and deep feature set.

We handle all the time-consuming aspects of maintaining a healthy PostgreSQL production deployment so you can focus on product. Easily automate your backups, customize your cluster configurations, access expert support, and analyze slow queries along with these great advantages on our Compare PostgreSQL Providers page.

We are the only multi-cloud managed PostgreSQL solution that allows you to host in your own cloud account through our Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) plans. You can use any instance type, keep full PostgreSQL superuser access, and SSH access to your underlying machines to maintain complete control over your deployments.

Get your time back and save some money along the way with fully managed PostgreSQL hosting in the cloud. Plans start at just $8/month, try free for 30-days.

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