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Understanding Mongodb backup options

MongoDB backupBackup and restore workflows are extremely important for any production MongoDB cluster. Apart from the actual functionality of backup and restore you also have to consider other non functionals like availabilty of backups, security, recovery time, recovery granularity etc. At a high level you have three options to backup your mongodb server

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Analyzing slow queries in MongoDB

WMongoDB slow queriese are happy to announce the public availability of our slow query analyzer for MongoDB! Using the slow query analyzer you can quickly identify slow queries on any of your servers in a particular period of time. By default “slow queries” are defined as queries that take longer than 100ms.

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The case for MongoDB hashed indexes

GraphViz Example: hashtable.dotIn addition to scalar indexes (ascending, descending) MongoDB also supports ‘hashed’ indexes.  When you use a hashed index on a field mongodb computes a hash of the field value and stores the hash in the index. Hashed indexes support only equality comparison and do not support range queries. Hashed indexes are typically used in sharding scenarios.

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