ScaleGrid for Greenplum Database®

Fully hosted with top-tier performance, ScaleGrid’s Greenplum Database® offering combines all essential DBaaS features in a seamless solution, ensuring an efficient, powerful database environment to meet your dynamic operational needs.



Expand Your Greenplum Database® Seamlessly with ScaleGrid

Greenplum Database®, a massively parallel processing (MPP) SQL database, is designed for enterprise-level data warehousing and large-scale analytical processing. ScaleGrid’s fully managed Greenplum Database® hosting streamlines your database operations, ensuring peak performance. 

We offer production-ready clusters with 24×7 support, enabling you to deploy quickly and focus on your application stack. Explore the possibilities of Greenplum Database® with ScaleGrid’s expert management.


Zero Complexities.
All Opportunities.

Wave goodbye to the hassle of database setups, endless maintenance, and tricky scaling. ScaleGrid takes the reins, handling the technicalities so you can zero in on what truly matters – innovation, growth, and your core business.

Simplified Setup & Management

Streamline your database operations. With ScaleGrid, launching and managing databases is straightforward, allowing you to focus more on what matters to your business.

Transparent, All-Inclusive Pricing

Enjoy clear, no-surprise pricing with ScaleGrid. Our structured pricing plans are designed to match your specific needs, offering predictability and transparency in budgeting.

Reliable Performance & Dedicated Support

Experience reliable database performance with ScaleGrid. Our expert support team is always at hand, ensuring smooth and effective operation of your critical systems.

Easy, Flexible Scaling

Scale your database resources effortlessly. ScaleGrid offers easy adjustments to storage and clusters, adapting quickly to your evolving business needs.


Unlocking Business Potential

See how businesses optimize database management with ScaleGrid, enhancing performance, security, and growth.

Gain Early Access to Greenplum Hosting

Try out ScaleGrid and explore all the features we have to offer. Contact us today to learn more about how ScaleGrid can enhance your business and efficiently scale your Greenplum™ infrastructure.

“The fact that we can install ScaleGrid on instances that run in our own AWS account and have SSH access to them if we want, is the main reason that we chose ScaleGrid over Atlas. Every time we have a question, ScaleGrid is there and answers quickly.”

James Price

Co-Founder, CodeStream


Fast, Scalable, Fully-Featured Managed Hosting

With our all-in-one solution, you can take full control of your databases while we handle the ins and outs of management, backups, and scalability.

Peak Performance and Agile Scaling

Advanced Greenplum Database® Performance Monitoring

Tools, reports, and alerts for optimizing deployments, ensuring operational efficiency.

High Performance SSD-Based Clusters

Special clusters designed for high read and write throughput, enhancing database performance.

On-Demand Scaling

Zero downtime scaling of Greenplum Database® servers' CPU, memory, and disk size to handle varying workloads efficiently.

Automated Configuration Tuning

Routine database maintenance handled by ScaleGrid for peak efficiency.


Unparalleled Control and Flexibility

One-Click Deployment

Simplify Greenplum Database® cluster creation with an easy-to-use wizard.

Custom Replica Set Configurations

Tailor your setup for high availability and redundancy.

Managed Upgrades

Keep your Greenplum Database® version up-to-date with managed upgrade options.

Seamless Cloud Integration

Optimize hosting through major clouds, with region matching to minimize latency.


Robust Security and Data Protection

Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)

Deploy in VPCs/VNETs/VCNs for enhanced security and privacy.

Firewall Support

Create and manage firewall rules for secure database access.

Custom Alerts

Real-time monitoring and maintenance for security.

Disaster Recovery

Automatic failovers to an available datacenter region.


Reliable Support When You Need It

24/7 Expert Assistance

Round-the-clock support with rapid response for critical issues, ensuring your database is always running smoothly.

Expert Consultation

Access to database experts for guidance on best practices, performance tuning, and optimization strategies specific to Greenplum Database®.

Migration Support

Assistance with migrating databases to ScaleGrid, including data transfer and environment setup.


Discover Key Resources at Your Fingertips

From insightful blogs to detailed help guides, discover a wealth of resources designed to elevate your Greenplum Database® experience with ScaleGrid.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Find the answer in our Frequently Asked Questions.

ScaleGrid’s fully managed Greenplum Database® hosting offers significant benefits including fully automated configuration tuning, handling routine database maintenance tasks like backups, security patches, and software updates. Our service provides scalability and flexibility, allowing you to adjust resources based on demand, ensuring optimal performance with minimal downtime. Additionally, the cost efficiency of a usage-based model reduces operational costs, eliminating the need for upfront hardware and software investments.

ScaleGrid ensures high availability and performance for Greenplum databases by offering custom replica set configurations for redundancy and failover protection, and by spreading Greenplum Database® nodes across hyperscaler regions. Additionally, ScaleGrid utilizes high-performance SSD-based clusters to enhance read and write throughput, ensuring efficient data processing.

Yes, ScaleGrid offers flexible hosting options for Greenplum databases. You can choose to host your Greenplum database in the cloud with providers like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, or opt for on-premises hosting. This flexibility allows businesses to select the hosting solution that best fits their specific requirements and infrastructure.

Yes, ScaleGrid provides robust disaster recovery solutions for Greenplum databases. This includes automated failovers to different cloud datacenters or regions in case of disasters, ensuring that your data remains safe and your database services continue to operate without significant interruptions.

With ScaleGrid’s Greenplum Database® hosting, you can expect 24/7 support from expert database engineers who specialize in managing complex database systems. This support includes assistance with migration, troubleshooting, and optimizing database performance and design, ensuring that your Greenplum database operates efficiently and effectively.


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