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How e-guma keeps its vouchers available any time, from anywhere.

ABOUT e-guma

e-guma has established itself as a market leader in Switzerland, with more than a thousand successfully completed projects, and several thousand companies who come into contact with e-guma on a daily basis. Founded in 2005, a father (an experienced hotel director) and son (a newly qualified software developer) developed a detailed concept for an e-commerce voucher management system to be able to print hotel vouchers from home.

What started as a gift voucher system for hotels has expanded to all types of organizations – restaurants, cableways, wellness retreats, shipping companies, chocolatiers, zoos, tourism organizations, specialist retailers and many other companies are now part of e-guma’s customer base. e-guma is much more than just a software program. Their mission is to provide customers with personal support, and the agility to respond to questions and new suggestions quickly. 

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Challenge

Several years ago, e-guma was using M-lab for its database management. When M-lab was sold to another company, that sparked the search for a new provider. e-guma wanted a solution that was easy to use, offered flat pricing, could scale up and down as needed, along with backup and monitoring features. Their voucher system needed to be online and available to customers 24/7. It was also important to find a company that could fully manage database operations around the clock so the e-guma team could continue focusing their efforts on customer support and product innovation.

The Solution

After searching for a solution that matched all of their requirements, e-guma found ScaleGrid’s fully managed MongoDB hosting service. In e-guma’s trial with ScaleGrid, the solution checked all the boxes. With ScaleGrid’s Database as a Service solution, e-guma was able to lower their database management costs, while gaining the ability to easily scale with their growing voucher business. 

One of the areas that set ScaleGrid apart was the ease of use in both deploying and managing e-guma’s MongoDB database. Their team had tried Atlas, but it did not meet all of their needs. e-guma found ScaleGrid’s usability to be a key differentiator in the market.

“The ScaleGrid dashboard is helpful for any slow queries – to check which queries are slow and which are used often. It’s a new way to see what’s happening.”

Daniel Thomet, Co-Founder and Head of Product & Development

Another reason e-guma moved away from M-lab and chose ScaleGrid was the ability to get support for older versions and not have to worry about looming deadlines. They found many of the database management companies in the market required upgrades to the latest version within a narrow timeframe. 

The Results

ScaleGrid provides database hosting behind the scenes for all of e-guma’s voucher clients. The clients don’t necessarily know the ins and outs of the database driving their voucher system – they just care that it is fast, reliable, and secure. ScaleGrid’s fully managed service handles e-guma’s version upgrades, OS patching, and log rotations automatically, along with any support expertise they need. They’ve scaled up as their business grows without issue. And if they ever need support, ScaleGrid is there to help.


“It’s good to know if something happens, we have you there and can get quick answers. The database is the most important part of our service, and if it’s lost or something happens, it’s very important to know that the data is safe. It’s great that you host it and everything works fine.

We’ve been a ScaleGrid customer for years. Everything has been smooth, and for months at a time we don’t even think about the database.”


Daniel Thomet

Co-Founder and Head of Product & Development


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