Enterprise On-Premise

Manage your MongoDB and Redis clusters in your On-Premise or Private Cloud setup with ScaleGrid Enterprise DBaaS.

On-Premise DBaaS

Manage MongoDB and Redis in your own On-Premise, VMware, or Private Cloud infrastructure for complete control. Get the flexibility of the "Database-as-a-Service" model with the freedom and control of running in your own datacenters through ScaleGrid’s Enterprise plans.

Advanced Enterprise Benefits

Improve Your Deployment Performance

Industrialize your database management by adopting our best practices to deploy your database nodes and clusters, load balancers, and rapid provisioning tools for your On-Premise servers or Private Clouds.

Access Advanced Management Tools

Empower your IT team with advanced management tools that automate daily tasks seamlessly across polyglot databases, backups, upgrades, patches, and tuning with improved visibility of your overall infrastructure.

Scale On-Demand

Leverage on-demand scalability to handle expansions, unscheduled loads, new hardware requests, and business demands with minimum hassle and agility, and dynamically prepare your business for growth.

Monitor Database Usage & Growth

Access an advanced Monitoring Console to track your database usage, capacity, availability, and resource consumption, along with data visualization tools for granular analysis and high-level decision making.

Improve Your Security

Protect your data with bulletproof fencing and industry-leading security protocols in your own On-Premise environment to prevent security breaches and remotely manage your clusters across multiple datacenters.

Optimize IT Consumption & TCO

Optimize your IT consumption by paying only for the capacity you need, avoid purchasing expensive software and hardware, and significantly free up your server space and DBAs’ time to lower your Total Cost of Ownership.

Premium Management Features

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Keep full admin control over your database clusters with SSH root access

Full Database Admin Control

Keep full SSH root access to the underlying machine and maintain 100% admin control over your clusters.

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Monitoring console with advanced database and OS metrics for proactive monitoring

Monitoring Console

Keep on top of your databases through the advanced Monitoring Console and save thousands in monitoring costs.

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Slow Query Analysis to analyze, track and debug your database operations

Slow Query Analysis

Analyze your database operations with the advanced debugging and tracking tool.

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Get scheduled and on-demand backups to ensure your data is always available

Scheduled Backups

Protect your databases with scheduled backups, or anytime on-demand and easily restore in one click.

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Get custom alerts on any database metrics and unlimited notifications on performance

Custom Alerts

Create an unlimited number of alerts on any database metrics and customize your notification preferences.

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Index management allows you to view, remove, modify and monitor your indexes

Index Management

Check out your existing indexes, remove, modify, and monitor your indexes with advanced index management tools.

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Encryption at Rest configured through disk encryption for database security protection

Encryption at Rest

Configure disk encryption to encrypt your data at rest and protect your stored data against potential attacks.

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Database Sharding allows you to horizontally scale your data across nodes

Database Sharding

Distribute your data across different nodes with MongoDB and Redis sharding for horizontal scalability.

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Customize cross-datacenter configurations for your database replica sets for high availability

High Availability

Get high availability hosting for MongoDB and Redis with cross-datacenter configurations and custom replica sets.

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Zero operation costs, including OS patching, log rotations, and database version upgrades

Zero Operations Cost

All of your OS patching, log rotations and database upgrades are automatically handled for you.

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Remote database management with shell management tools for MongoDB and Redis

Shell Management Tools

Use MongoDB and Redis shell management tools for simple commands, viewing connections, logs, and current operations.

On-Premise Premium Management Features: Recover your MongoDB and Redis backup data in seconds through one-click restores

One-Click Restores

Restore your backups in a single click, and search or restore small sections of your backups.

Private and Hybrid Clouds

Manage your MongoDB and Redis clusters in both Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments. ScaleGrid is the only Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform that lets you create and manage your instances on both Public Clouds and On-Premise from a single management console. All environments are completely customizeable and controlled under your exclusive administrative access.

Private and Hybrid Clouds: Supporting VMware for MongoDB and Redis DBaaS on-premise and private cloud deployments Private and Hybrid Clouds: Supporting OpenStack for MongoDB and Redis DBaaS on-premise and private cloud deployments
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