Fully Managed MongoDB® Hosting

Manage your dedicated MongoDB® and Redis® clusters with a few simple clicks

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Fully managed hosting for Mongodb®. Bring your own cloud account or host with us. Deploy standalone, replica sets or shards.


Highly scalable and performant Redis hosting on a cloud of your choice. Deploy standalone or master-slave configurations.

Key Features

Dedicated Servers

Bring your own AWS/Azure account

Unique deployment model.
Bring your own cloud account or host with us. You have admin access to the machines.

Automatic Backup & Restore

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) support

Hosting for your Mongodb®, Redis® clusters in Amazon VPC public or private subnets. Don't expose your database to the internet.

On Demand Scaling

On Demand Scaling

Scale up your servers on demand.
Dynamically scale up your cpu, memory and disk size.

SSL & Disk Encryption

SSL & Disk Encryption

Enable SSL based access. Encrypt "data at rest" for additional security.

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Professional Services

Do you need someone to manage your clusters?
Our expert support staff will fully manage your database leaving your team free to focus on your application.

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