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Easily deploy, monitor, backup and scale your MongoDB and Redis clusters with a few simple clicks.

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Database-as-a-Service Benefits

We take care of your database operations so you focus on your product.

DBaaS Benefits: Reduce database hosting costs up to 75%

Reduce costs up to 75%

ScaleGrid is the only DBaaS that lets you host in your own AWS or Azure account and save with Reserved Instances.

DBaaS Benefits: Save thousands of hours by automating your database management

Save thousands of hours

Automate your database monitoring, management and maintenance operations so you can focus on product.

DBaaS Benefits: Improve your quality of service with faster, more powerful applications and zero downtime

Improve your quality of service

Make your application faster, more powerful, and always available with zero-downtime.

DBaaS Benefits: Scale at any size or rate dynamically and never overpay for premature scale

Scale to any size on demand

Dynamically scale your databases at the moment you need to without ever overpaying for premature scale.

Powerful, Fully Managed Plans

Bring Your Own Cloud

"Powerful, Fully Managed Plans: Button to see more information on MongoDB and Redis BYOC cloud plans"

Fully managed MongoDB and Redis hosting in the safety of your own cloud account.

MongoDB  |  Redis

Leverage your AWS or Azure hosting credits, deploy in Virtual Private Clouds, and save up to 75% on long-term hosting costs with Reserved Instances.

Dedicated Hosting

"Powerful, Fully Managed Plans: Button to see more information on MongoDB and Redis dedicated hosting plans"

Hassle-free MongoDB and Redis hosting with all-inclusive machine, disk, network, and backup costs.

MongoDB  |  Redis

Simply grab your connection string and start deploying your dedicated MongoDB and Redis clusters in minutes on AWS, Azure, or DigitalOcean.

Shared Hosting

"Powerful, Fully Managed Plans: Button to see more information on MongoDB and Redis shared hosting plans"

Affordable, highly available, and all-inclusive shared MongoDB hosting in Docker containers.


Includes a 3-node replica set, WiredTiger storage engine, Snappy compression, unlimited databases, and free backups. Ideal for small datasets.

Enterprise On-Premise

"Powerful, Fully Managed Plans: Button to see more information on MongoDB and Redis Enterprise On-Premise plans"

Optimize your infrastructure with fully managed MongoDB and Redis hosting in your own private cloud datacenter.

MongoDB  |  Redis

Manage your clusters in your own datacenter to optimize performance, security, and monitoring with the same flexibility and management features of a cloud-hosted database.

Professional Services

Get in touch to see how ScaleGrid can help you transform your database management into a fully optimized environment.

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Features at your fingertips

So what exactly does our product do?

Features: Bring Your Own Cloud plans let you host in your own AWS or Azure account

Bring Your Own Cloud Account

Our unique deployment model lets you host in your own cloud account, migrate over hosting credits and leverage Reserved Instances.

Features: Virtual Private Cloud support for MongoDB and Redis on AWS (VPC) and Azure (VNET)

Virtual Private Cloud Support

Protect your MongoDB and Redis clusters by hosting in an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or Azure Virtual Network (VNET) subnets.

Features: Hybrid Cloud support for MongoDB and Redis

Hybrid Cloud Support

Deploy MongoDB and Redis clusters On-Premise and in the Public Cloud, and manage you hybrid deployments from a single console.

Features: Full database admin access for MongoDB and Redis with SSH root access to underlying machine

Full Database Admin Access

Keep 100% control over your clusters with full MongoDB and Redis admin access and SSH root access to the underlying machine.

Features: High availability for MongoDB and Redis with customizable replica set configurations

High Availability

Customize your MongoDB and Redis replicas across multiple cloud regions for highly available hosting with failover protection.

Features: Monitoring and custom alerts for MongoDB and Redis metrics, slow queries and index usage

Monitoring & Custom Alerts

Monitor your clusters 24/7 with custom alerts on any MongoDB or Redis metrics, slow query analysis, index usage and monthly reports.

Features: MongoDB and Redis sharding for horizontal scalability

MongoDB & Redis Sharding

Easily distribute your data across multiple machines for horizontal scalability of your MongoDB and Redis clusters.

Features: Free 24/7 expert support from database developers

24/7 Expert Support Included

Get 24/7 support from the expert database developers that built the product to ensure the health of your production deployments.

Features: Multiple database version support for MongoDB and Redis

Multiple Database Version Support

Use the latest MongoDB and Redis version, or any of the three most recent versions so you're never forced into an automatic upgrade.

Features: SSL and disk encryption security for data and backups at rest

SSL & Disk Encryption

Enable an additional layer of security with SSL-based access, and encrypt your data and backups "at-rest."

Features: Zero operations costs with log rotations, database upgrades and OS patching included free

Zero Operations Costs

We handle all of your log rotations, database upgrades, and OS patchings automatically for you on a monthly and on-demand basis.

Features: Web-based shell management for MongoDB and Redis

Web-Based Shell Management

Perform simple commands, view connections, logs and current operations with MongoDB and Redis shell management tools.

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