The next level of MongoDB hosting

We have created a platform that will help you seamlessly deploy and
scale your mongodb servers on public & private clouds

Fully managed mongodb in your own cloud account
 Bring your own AWS account

MongoDB hosting in the safety of your own AWS account. Lock down access using Security Groups.

 AWS Virtual private cloud (VPC) support

Deploy your mongodb clusters in a VPC and prevent them from being exposed to the internet.

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Fully managed mongodb hosted by us
 Blazing fast SSD storage

MongoDB hosting on SSD for breakthrough performance. On AWS use SSD or provisioned IOPS.

 All inclusive pricing

No more hidden costs. Machine, network & disk costs included.

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 Dedicated servers

No more shared databases. Dedicated virtual machines with full SSH access to the underlying server.

 Automatic backup & restore

On demand and scheduled point in time backup and restore for your MongoDB servers.

 On demand scaling

Scale up your servers on demand. Dynamically scale up your cpu, memory and disk size.

 SSL & Disk Encryption

Enable SSL based access. Encrypt "data at rest" for additional security.

  Professional Services & Consulting

Do you need someone to manage your clusters?
Our expert support staff will fully manage your database leaving your team free to
focus on your application.

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MongoDB hosting costs

Best pricing for MongoDB hosting

Our unique MongoDB Management model offers long term cost saving as you scale up.

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