10 Best Startups in Cloud – 2018

At ScaleGrid, we’re proud to share that we’ve made the 10 Best Startups in Cloud – 2018 list by SiliconIndia. Check out our story written by SiliconIndia below to see how we are optimizing NoSQL and SQL database hosting and management across the globe, and discover the other leading startups disrupting the cloud space.

ScaleGrid: Automating Database Management in the Cloud

The Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) landscape is continuously evolving with new and exciting databases entering the market and new cloud vendors emerging. Existing cloud vendors are also releasing new hardware and software platforms. The challenge for service vendors now is to continuously evolve their platforms to leverage all these changes to best serve the customers. ScaleGrid provides a fully managed DBaaS solution used by thousands of developers, startups, and enterprise customers including UPS, Dell, and Adobe. The ScaleGrid platform supports MongoDB®, Redis™*, MySQL, and PostgreSQL on both public and private clouds, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, and VMware, and handles all the database operations at any scale. “This significantly decreases the time burden of managing databases across different platforms and decreases the risk of issues from incompatibility and database sprawl,” speaks Dharshan Rangegowda, CEO.

ScaleGrid is targeted for SMB and enterprise customers who are deploying databases on public or private clouds. “ScaleGrid is a polyglot, multi-cloud solution that allows our customers to deploy the database of their choice on the cloud of their choice. We can also seamlessly migrate databases from one cloud to another, enabling them to prevent and protect their infrastructures from vendor or cloud lock-in,” mentions Dharshan.

ScaleGrid is the only DBaaS solution that allows customers to keep full super user administrative control over their databases. This enables their customers to use their existing scripts and tools and also work with other database consultants they have been working with historically.

The Ideation of ScaleGrid

SiliconIndia Cover Story - ScaleGrid Automating Database Management In The CloudThe inception of ScaleGrid dates back to 2012. Dharshan was the former Principal Development Lead at Microsoft who worked on Microsoft’s virtual machine manager and later moved to Azure to work on the next generation of data-centre software networks. Dharshan, passionate for cloud computing, was quick to perceive the future of the enterprise in the cloud. Given the extreme complexity involved in deploying and managing production database clusters, he wanted to extend the simplicity of the cloud model to help solve this problem. ScaleGrid began its journey with a mission to simplify database management on both public and private clouds. “Our first step in achieving this mission was to launch a public Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution and then eventually extend it to different cloud providers and also private clouds,” he says.

ScaleGrid has come a long way since then graduating from the AngelPad accelerator in 2012. “Our segment is very engineering-intensive, and building up a good engineering organization takes a while. We are now a distributed engineering organization across Palo Alto,CA and Bangalore, India,” informs Dharshan.

Committed to data protection, ScaleGrid has incorporated security best practices for its infrastructure to ensure the safety of the customer’s data. The company enables its customers to deploy their database servers in their own Virtual Private Clouds on AWS (VPC) and Azure (VNET) through Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) plans.

The Way Forward

In 2018 alone, ScaleGrid has experienced over a 65 percent growth rate in new customers, after consistently averaging a 58 percent year-over-year growth rate since 2014. ScaleGrid has been deployed across 70+ countries, and it supports 52 different data centres across the globe.

In the coming times, team ScaleGrid wants to enable businesses of all sizes and types to be able to manage any database they want on any cloud, including private clouds. “We recently launched an Enterprise DBaaS solution for private infrastructure environments and are excited to expand this market to help companies using both on-premise and private cloud servers to optimize their time-consuming database management tasks and reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO),” concludes Dharshan.

The 10 Best Startups in Cloud – 2018 SiliconIndia

In hyper-connected businesses, it is hard to imagine a world immune to cyber attacks and data breaches. For a modern-day business organization, a robust resourceful IT infrastructure is the need of the hour. To develop the same and maintain it, it involves a huge cost and this is one of the major reasons where businesses lag behind despite possessing trained and skilled resources. Reinventing the infrastructure and underlying cloud applications has taken immense strides in recent years, and is believed to be the next wave in innovation. Meeting the growing demands has become vital for all organizations to adopt and scale well, and is where the role of cloud startups comes into play. These startups are transforming the business and simplifying the enterprise application delivery. Touted to be one of the most significant technological breakthroughs in the way the business operates, amidst huge competition, these startups offer numerous benefits such as flexible pricing models, easy scalability, optimum utilization of resources, mobility, security, productivity, and ROI. There is no doubt that cloud computing is powering the world today, and all industries right from the rocket ship tech to long-standing players in traditional fields like banking and construction are marching towards the change.

Realizing this scenario, we at startup city bring to you a list of the ‘10 Best Startups in Cloud‘. Having being scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges, including CEOs, CIOs, CXOs, analysts and the startup city editorial board, these startups can be assured to deliver maximum results for the budding ecosystem and create a path for more growth in the cloud internet.

Company Leadership Company Description
BackupGuru Rajesh Patil, Founder BackupGuru: Provides affordable and secure cloud solutions for businesses and individuals
BrowserStack Nakul Agarwal & Ritesh Arora, Co-Founders BrowserStack: Cloud web and mobile testing platform that enables developers to test their websites and mobile applications across on-demand browsers, operating systems and real-time devices
Flavalon IT Solution Dylon Moraes & Valerio Moraes, Co-Founders Flavalon IT Solution: Business IT service provider that creates the best IT support experience for the Indian home owner
Hello2hosting Vishal Yadav & Geeta Yadav, Co-Founders Hello2hosting: Fastest growing data center, hosting services, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, business email solutions, Dedicated Servers, rack space, colocations, cloud computing and end-to-end Managed IT services to clients
Hexaform Technologies Sri Raghunath, Co-Founder Hexaform Technologies: Focused on IT Datacenter platform transformations and re-engineering market
Infilect Anand Prabhu Subramanian & Vijay Gabale, Co-Founders Infilect: Specialized in deriving intelligence by parsing large-scale visual content using proprietary deep learning and artificial intelligence technology
RightCloudz Vikash Mathur, Subhranshu Banerjee, Sreehari NArasipur, CO- Founders RightCloudz: Empowers and enable cloud customers to make the right vendor choices when buying cloud based assets and services
Rockmetric Nimesh Mehta, CEO Rockmetric: Cognitive Data Analyst that automates analysis and insights with a sesamless interface
ScaleGrid Dharshan Rangegowda, Founder ScaleGrid: Fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution used by thousands of developers, startups, and enterprise customers
SYSARKS Technology Solutions Kamala Rajan & Anand Leela Ram, Co-Founders SYSARKS Technology Solutions: Accelerating businesses with customized IT solutions for the ever demanding digital user base

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