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Fully managed MongoDB and Redis hosting in public and private clouds.

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Note: Pricing is per month (720 hours)

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Early-Stage Startup Program

Apply for our Startup Program to get 12 months of free MongoDB and Redis database management. Bring your AWS or Azure credits for 100% free hosting!

12 Months Free Management

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6 Months Free Management

Professional DbaaS Services and Consulting

If you need a database hosting company to manage your clusters, that's already part of our service! Our expert developer support staff will fully manage your databases, so your team can focus on your products and services instead of your infrastructure. We handle everything from create, backup, restore, clone, and 24x7 monitoring, to advanced scenarios including these below:

  • Schema analysis

  • Query performance analysis & troubleshooting

  • Index management and optimization

  • ETL to/from MongoDB® or Redis®

  • MongoDB® and Redis® Expert Advice

  • Four (4) hours of consulting per month