DBaaS Pricing

Fully managed hosting pricing for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis™*, and MongoDB® database on public clouds AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean.

Get 50% off when you switch from mLab, Compose, or Amazon RDS, or Azure DB
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Pricing starts at $10/mo

Dedicated Cluster Pricing

All-inclusive hosting for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis™, and MongoDB® database, fully managed on AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean.

Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Scale MongoDB and Redis on-demand with zero downtime, pay for what you need On-Demand Scaling
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Automated Backups for MongoDB and Redis through a custom schedule, or on-demand Automated Backups
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: High Availability of your MongoDB and Redis deployments High Availability
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: High-Performance SSD clusters for high read and write MongoDB and Redis throughput High-Performance SSD
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Host MongoDB and Redis on high availability dedicated servers Dedicated Machines
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Full SSH access to the underlying machine and install custom software agents SSH Access to Underlying Machine
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Slow Query Analysis for analyzing MongoDB and Redis operations and troublesome queries Slow Query Analysis
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Customize your RAM, disk size, and instance type on AWS, Azure or DigitalOcean Customizable RAM, Disk & Instances
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Schema Analysis for MongoDB and Redis on AWS, Azure or DigitalOcean Schema Analysis
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Get Monthly Reports on Redis and MongoDB performance, usage and growth Monthly Reports
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: MongoDB and Redis shard support for data distribution through horizontal scaling Shard Scaling & Support
Dedicated Cluster Pricing: Index Optimization for MongoDB and Redis on AWS, Azure and DigitalOcean Index Optimization

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Bring Your Own Cloud Pricing

Manage your MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis™, and MongoDB® database clusters in the safety of your own cloud account.