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Advanced Support Packages

Do you need further support beyond our standard included package? We can provide advanced support for you and your deployments depending on your needs, including custom SLA, phone support, and screen sharing. For more information on what’s included, check out our Support Packages page.

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Bring your AWS, Azure or GCP credits and dynamically scale so you never overpay for database hosting.



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Bring your AWS, Azure or GCP credits and dynamically scale so you never overpay for database hosting.


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Looking for help on an advanced hosting and management scenario? Our database experts are available for special projects to help you customize and optimize your infrastructure operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We significantly reduce your database management, monitoring, and maintenance time, while optimizing your IT consumption and improving your deployment performance.

Yes! ScaleGrid is the only DBaaS that allows you to keep 100% admin control over your MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB® database clusters, and SSH root access to the underlying machine.
We work with companies of all sizes, from Startup to Enterprise businesses. Our dynamic plans scale to your exact needs so you never overpay for premature scale and are prepared for growth at a moments notice.


You can host in your own account through our Bring Your Own Cloud plans, with us through our Dedicated Hosting plans on GCP, AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean, or in your own on-premise data centers through our Enterprise plans.

Absolutely! You can import data from an existing instance into your MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB® server for free. We can also do a live import if you have admin access on your current database. Our support team is available 24/7 to help with your migration.
We’re the only Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution that allows you to host through your own cloud account in our Bring Your Own Cloud plans so you can save up to 75% on long-term hosting costs with Reserved Instances. Compare our MySQLPostgreSQLRedis and MongoDB® database plans to see how our deep toolset surpasses our competitors.


Our Dedicated Hosting plans are all-inclusive and cover machine cost, as well as your disk and network costs. The Bring Your Own Cloud plans are management-only and connect to your existing cloud account so you pay for those costs with your cloud provider.

We offer the most competitive pricing on the market for our Dedicated Hosting plans. Our plans average around 30% less expensive than our competitors, and include almost twice the number features. We also offer Bring Your Own Cloud plans that allow you to host in your own cloud account so you can save up to 75% on long-term hosting costs, and none of our competitors offers this advantage. Check out these pages to compare our MySQLPostgreSQLRedis and MongoDB® database features vs. competitors.

Nope! The only plan you can expect additional costs through is our Bring Your Own Cloud plan, and that’s for your regular hosting expenses through your connected cloud provider. All of our plans include services you would usually pay more for, like free backups, database upgrades, log rotations and OS patching.