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Switching DBaaS Providers

Save up to $25,000 with 50% off our hosting plans for MySQL, Redis™*, PostgreSQL and MongoDB® Database when you switch from Oracle, mLab, Amazon RDS, Compose, or any other DBaaS.

Move to the #1 Database-as-a-Service Platform

Break out of your current DBaaS plan, and improve your SQL and NoSQL database performance with the only DBaaS that allows you to customize and control your deployments. Automate your MongoDB® Database, Redis™, MySQL and PostgreSQL hosting on AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean or VMware so you can get back to what matters most, developing your applications.

ScaleGrid Hosting - Reserved Instances Support (AWS & Azure)

Save 75% on long-term hosting costs

The only multi-cloud DBaaS that lets you leverage Reserved Instances with no contract.
Best Database Hosting Tools: Slow Query Analysis, generate heat maps and identify queries that need indexes

Automate your database operations

Access advanced tools to automate disaster recovery, high availability, and query analysis.
On-Premise Premium Management Features: Index management allows you to view, remove, modify and monitor your indexes

Take back control of your deployments

Regain superuser admin access to your databases and SSH access to your machines.
Features: Bring Your Own Cloud plans let you host in your own AWS or Azure account

Single console for all of your databases

Manage MySQL, Redis™, PostgreSQL and MongoDB® Database from one easy-to-use console.

Switching DBaaS Providers Overview

Check out the Switching DBaaS Providers deal to see if you qualify:

50% Discount (6 Months)

DBaaS Plan

Plan sizes Small are eligible for 50% off BYOC and Dedicated Hosting plans for 3 months.


Get 50% off for each month you’ve been with a competitor (max. of 6 months) on plan sizes Medium or above.

Not eligible for the Switching DBaaS Providers Deal? Check out our Startup Program to save 50% on database hosting plans for 12 months.

Switching DBaaS Providers Perks: Easily import and migrate your MongoDB and Redis clusters to ScaleGrid

No Cloud Lock-In

Keep your data accessible and compatible between clouds with no long-term contracts and multi-cloud support.

Switching DBaaS Providers Perks: Host MongoDB and Redis with High Availability and zero downtime

Free & Easy Migration

Easily migrate your live data and refresh your infrastructure with fully managed database operations.

Switching DBaaS Providers Perks: Scale your database clusters as you grow without ever overpaying for unused space

Scale with High Availability

Dynamically scale your CPU, memory, disk size and IOPS with high availability to save thousands.

Long-Term Cost Savings: Save 75% on long-term hosting costs with AWS and Azure Reserved Instances
Long-Term Cost Savings
Long-Term Cost Savings: Improve your MongoDB and Redis access control by 45% with Security Groups
Security Group Improved Access Control
Virtual Private Cloud Security Boost

Long-Term Cost Savings

Host your MySQL, Redis™, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB® Database clusters in your own AWS or Azure account through our BYOC plans and save up to 60% on your long-term hosting costs with Reserved Instances. We also let you use any instance type, and customize your RAM, disk size, and replica setup so your deployments are configured to your application needs.

DBaaS Testimonials

Switch & Save 50% on DBaaS Pricing

Save up to $25,000 on MySQL, Redis™, PostgreSQL, MongoDB® Database when you switch:

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50% discount for up to 6 MONTHS on BYOC and Dedicated Hosting plans when you switch from a competitor.

Switch From Any Of These DBaaS Competitors

  • Azure Database
  • mLab
  • Compose
  • RedisGreen
  • Oracle
  • ObjectRocket
  • ElastiCache for Redis
  • Amazon RDS
  • Redis Labs

Working with a different SQL or NoSQL DBaaS competitor? No problem! Just select ‘Other’ when filling out the application below.

Apply for the Switching Discount

Save up to $25,000 on database management by switching to ScaleGrid with 50% off your first 6 months. No credit card required, try free:

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