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When To Use ScaleGrid for Redis™?

Do you need to keep your Redis™ servers up and running with 99.99% uptime high availability?

We help you easily distribute your Redis™ slaves across different geographic cloud regions so you can avoid downtime if one of your datacenters goes down, and automate failover with our world-class disaster recovery practices.

Ready to modernize your infrastructure? Migrate your Redis™ clusters to the cloud so you can deploy, monitor, backup, and scale with ease.

One of the biggest challenges of a cloud migration is learning how to manage your workloads in the cloud. Our DBaaS platform elimates that learning curve so you can ensure the security and performance of your deployments, and also migrate at your own speed with our multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premise support.

Do you need the ability to scale at a moments notice? We allow you to scale up your Redis™ deployment in a single click with zero downtime. Our monitoring and alerts keep you informed on your CPU, memory, and disk space so you can scale up your resources before capacity starts affecting your application performance.

Troubleshoot your Redis™ deployment 10x faster with help from the ScaleGrid support team. With our different support plans, we are available 24/7/365 to assist with any database issue you encounter, and are on constant watch for potential performance, availability, and security threats so we can keep your databases happy and healthy.

If you’re spending all your time on Redis™ operational tasks like replication, backups, upgrades, scaling, log rotations, etc., you don’t have time to focus on product.

With ScaleGrid, you can automate your time-consuming management tasks in the cloud or on-premise so you can focus on proactive development and performance optimizations for your application.

Slow queries are the #1 database metrics to track as they can have a serious impact on your application performance. At ScaleGrid, our Monitoring Console for Redis™ makes it easy to analyze your deployment performance, and you can setup custom alerts to get notifications on your key Redis™ metrics.

Protect your Redis™ deployments from the internet with advanced security measures to keep your company and customer data safe.

We offer the best security capabilities, including virtual private cloud (VPC and VNET) support, security groups, firewalls, SSL encryption, encryption-at-rest, local SSD support, two-factor authentication, and SSH root access to your machines to safeguard your deployments against cyber attacks.

How Are We Different From Competitors?

DBaaS Benefits: Bring Your Own Cloud

Both Cloud & On-Premise Support

Deploy Redis™ in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud setup.
DBaaS Benefits: Get Superuser Access

Keep Total Control of Your Deployments

Keep full admin access to Redis™, and SSH root access to the underlying machine.

Host In Your Own Cloud Account

Check out our BYOC plans that allow you to host through your own AWS or Azure account.
ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Differentiators: Easily transition cloud services with fully adaptable and compatible no vendor lock-in

Fully Customizable Cloud Configurations

Easily customize the instance type, RAM, disk size and IOPS for your deployment.
ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Differentiators: Plugin and extension support for MySQL allows you to install custom components

One Console For All Your Databases

Manage Redis™ in the same console as your MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB™ database deployments.
DBaaS Benefits: We handle all of your log rotations, database upgrades, OS patchings automatically and much more for you on a monthly and on-demand basis

Customize Persistence

Define custom Redis™ persistence options using AOF or RDB point-in-time snapshots.