COVID-19 Preparedness at ScaleGrid

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COVID-19 Preparedness at ScaleGrid


Customers & Friends,

With the impact of COVID-19 growing around the world, we are taking proactive steps to prepare our infrastructure to continue seamlessly as we navigate this critical time. In an abundance of caution to the rapidly growing climate of the pandemic, we are taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and partners.

Following the guidance and recommendation of leading health organizations around the world, we are implementing the following measures to ensure the safety or our employees and continuity and stability of our services:

  • Employees. Our employees are distributed across two continents and three counties, and already leverage remote work technologies to support our global workforce. All employees are now working remotely and all business travel has been suspended to avoid exposure to the COVID-19 virus, and will continue to do so until major public health organizations recommend resuming normal activity. We have not had any employees with known exposure to the virus, but have informed all employees to follow the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and contact their local healthcare provider if they begin to exhibit symptoms or have been in close contact with an infected individual. In the event an employee contracts the virus, we require them to work from home for a minimum of four weeks, or longer, depending on their physician’s recommendation.
  • Support. All technical support operations are continuing seamlessly during this remote-work period, and our 24/7/365 support has remained available for all of our customers. In the event of mass absenteeism, we have a plan to distribute our support workload across the different time zones that we work in so there is no interruption to customer support. All development team members are also trained and experienced in technical support in preparation of any necessary reallocation of time and responsibilities to support our ongoing customer needs.
  • Services. As a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution, we have built-in automation to ensure the continuity of our services. The entire ScaleGrid technology stack is deployed in three different datacenters – this means the loss of a single server or a single datacenter does not have any impact on the availability of the ScaleGrid application. We are also actively monitoring our subprocessor preparedness to ensure they are able to continue to support us in our critical business operations.

We are not only committed to continuing our operations, but are prepared to help you scale seamlessly as your business needs evolve through this challenging time. If you have any questions on our Business Continuity Plan, COVID-19 preparedness or general questions about your account, please contact us at

Stay healthy and safe.
Dharshan Rangegowda
CEO ScaleGrid

For more information, please visit Connect with ScaleGrid on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and YouTube.
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