Fully Managed PostgreSQL Hosting on AWS and Azure Launches in Time For Legacy Migrations

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 17, 2019 – ScaleGrid, a leader in the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) space, has just announced support for PostgreSQL hosting in the cloud. The fully managed platform allows organizations to automate their time-consuming PostgreSQL operations, focus on database development, and optimize performance with advanced monitoring, high availability, and disaster recovery on AWS and Azure.

As organizations continue to modernize their legacy deployments and shift to open source from commercial database management systems like Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server, PostgreSQL has quickly become the database of choice for both cloud and on-premise deployments. The ScaleGrid platform allows PostgreSQL users to automate their daily operations without having to sacrifice control over their deployments. ScaleGrid is the only multi-cloud DBaaS that allows you to keep full PostgreSQL superuser access and SSH access to your machines, making it easy for companies to adopt a managed database service.

“The demand for PostgreSQL has absolutely skyrocketed over the past year”, says Dharshan Rangegowda, ScaleGrid Founder and CEO. “Organizations have been looking for an affordable alternative to Oracle to escape their high cost of service, and PostgreSQL fits the bill not only in cost, but also in capabilities and performance.”

With ScaleGrid’s DBaaS solution, PostgreSQL DBA’s, developers, and DevOps engineers are able to automate their backups, upgrades, scaling, replication, encryption, OS patching, and alerts to reduce the risk of human error and spend more time on development and performance optimizations. One of their most popular tools is the PostgreSQL Slow Query Analyzer which allows users to quickly troubleshoot queries slowing down their application. As the most time-consuming PostgreSQL management task, query analysis is extremely important for maintaining healthy database performance, and ScaleGrid’s heatmap visualizer allows you to easily identify which queries run most frequently, slowest, or are scanning the most documents so they can be optimized.

PostgreSQL Hosting Deployment - Slow Query Analyzer - ScaleGrid DBaaS

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The database is also widely loved for PostgreSQL extensions which enable users to extend the functionality of their database. ScaleGrid allows you to install any third-party PostgreSQL extensions without restriction, including popular ones pg_stat_statements, pg_repack, pgaudit, and PostGIS. Learn more about ScaleGrid’s advantages on their Compare PostgreSQL Providers page.

With the addition of PostgreSQL, ScaleGrid now supports four open source databases, Hosting for MySQL, Hosting for MongoDB®, and Hosting for Redis™* on popular cloud providers AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean.

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