Cloning a MongoDB Instance or Replica Set

Cloning MongoDB deployments and instances is a popular and easy way to create an exact copy (size, configuration, and data) of an existing MongoDB cluster. A majority of our MongoDB hosting customers use cloning for running reports or dev/test scenarios. A clone allows for a point-in-time copy of the deployment, and allows you to run long-running queries on a system with production data without incurring any downtime.

Engineering teams use cloning to test out new changes before deploying those changes to production. A clone can serve as a great staging or pre-staging backend. The cloning process uses point-in-time snapshots on the source cluster and does not have any adverse performance impact on the original cluster.

With ScaleGrid, cloning a MongoDB deployment is easy. To create a clone, select an existing MongoDB deployment and click the “Clone” button.

Next, specify a name of the cloned deployment and click “Clone”. It’s that easy!

Upon clicking “Clone”, the status of the source deployment will change from “Running” to “Cloning”. Currently, you can only clone to a size that is the same or bigger.

Time taken for cloning will vary depending on the size of the data in the source deployment.