New Feature for BYOC – Pausing and Resuming Clusters

At ScaleGrid we always strive to make our service as user friendly and value adding as possible. Some of our users have been wanting to save on their database machine costs during periods when the databases are not in use, such as on weekends or at night. Therefore as a part of our Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) hosting service, we are adding a highly anticipated feature added to its toolbox; pausing and resuming clusters.


With the new Pause/Resume cluster feature, you will be able to pause a running cluster, putting it in a “Paused” state. The “Paused” state means that all cluster nodes are in a stopped state. While a cluster is “Paused” you will no longer get charged for your cloud provider’s VM costs, which allows you to reduce your machine costs on clusters you may not be using at the moment.

Since a “Paused” cluster puts all the nodes in a stopped state, you will be unable to access the database and its data during this time. To be able to access the data again, you need to resume your cluster. Keep in mind that resuming a cluster means you will get charged for machine costs again.


This feature is only available on standard clusters using persistent storage (eg. a block volume), as pausing a cluster still retains the data. Therefore, high performance clusters using local SSD storage to store data are unable to be paused as this will cause you to lose your database data.


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One important thing to note about this feature is that you will still get charged for the ScaleGrid management cost. You are only able to save on the machine costs, and not the management costs. Here is an example of the potential savings on three XLarge PostgreSQL on AWS BYOC deployments that are paused for 72 hours:

Running (72 Hours) Paused (72 Hours)
AWS Cloud Cost $27 $0
ScaleGrid Management Cost $39 $39
Total Cost $66 $39

In this example, by pausing your cluster and removing your machine costs, you save approximately 41% on your database costs.

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Anton is part of the marketing team at ScaleGrid. He has a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Digital Media with background in digital marketing for a wide variety of different industries.