ScaleGrid PostgreSQL on VMware Cloud Infrastructure

ScaleGrid recently partnered up with VMware to create a solution that integrates the powerful features of a PostgreSQL DBaaS on vSphere with advanced added support for vVols, allowing DBAs to automate and focus more on their product as opposed to time-consuming database management tasks, scaling and high availability. VMware vVols (Virtual Volumes) allows your existing storage array capabilities to be managed via storage policy-based management (SPBM). They are applied at a VM or VM disk level, all while existing in a single vVols datastore that correlates to a storage container on the array.

DBaaS on VMware

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On VMware’s blog, they recently posted two blog posts highlighting the benefits and use cases where having a DBaaS in combination with VMware vVols can empower DBAs with an enterprise-grade database management solution on the VMware platform with vVols. ScaleGrid’s PostgreSQL DBaaS integrates seamlessly with VMware, providing a powerful and centralized database management console automating many of DBA’s daily tasks such as high availability, copy data management, performance management, monitoring and alerting.

Read the posts on the VMware blog

Read more about how ScaleGrid PostgreSQL integrates with VMware Cloud infrastructure and vVols on the VMware blog:

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