ScaleGrid PostgreSQL® on VMware Cloud Infrastructure

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ScaleGrid PostgreSQL® on VMware Cloud Infrastructure


ScaleGrid recently partnered up with VMware to create a solution that integrates the powerful features of a PostgreSQL® DBaaS on vSphere with advanced added support for vVols, allowing DBAs to automate and focus more on their product as opposed to time-consuming database management tasks, scaling and high availability. VMware vVols (Virtual Volumes) allows your existing storage array capabilities to be managed via storage policy-based management (SPBM). They are applied at a VM or VM disk level, all while existing in a single vVols datastore that correlates to a storage container on the array.

DBaaS on VMware

On VMware’s blog, they recently posted two blog posts highlighting the benefits and use cases where having a DBaaS in combination with VMware vVols can empower DBAs with an enterprise-grade database management solution on the VMware platform with vVols. ScaleGrid’s PostgreSQL® DBaaS integrates seamlessly with VMware, providing a powerful and centralized database management console automating many of DBA’s daily tasks such as high availability, copy data management, performance management, monitoring and alerting.

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