What’s new at ScaleGrid? February 2023

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What’s new at ScaleGrid? February 2023


In our latest product update we have a few exciting updates which includes new MongoDB® database version support as well as a minor addition to our UI. Check out this product update to find out more about what’s new, and also what’s in store for the future at ScaleGrid.

Payment Button

There is now a “Pay with Card” button by your invoices on the Billing page in the Invoices tab.

We’ve added a button charge your payment card instantly in case of an outstanding invoice. In case of a payment error on any of your invoices, you can now simply press the “Pay with Card” button You can then fill in your new payment details and get the invoice paid right away.

This button can be found by your invoices and is very simple to use. We hope this makes it easy for you to ensure your payments are going through without any potential service disruption.

MongoDB® Database Version Support

We now support MongoDB® database version 5.0

We’ve also added support for version 5.0.14 of MongoDB® database to ensure that our software works seamlessly with the latest technology. With version 5.0 comes many exciting new features such as handling of time-series data, enhanced security and scalability, as well as better query language and aggregation capabilities. Some of the key features include:

  1. Time-series data: MongoDB® database 5.0 introduces new features to handle time-series data, including optimized indexes, server-side lookups, and native time-series collections. Time-series data improves query efficiency and reduces disk usage.
  2. Enhanced security features: MongoDB® database 5.0 includes several new features to improve security, such as their unique client-side field level encryption which enables very strong data privacy controls.
  3. Scalability and performance improvements: The new version includes several performance and scalability improvements, including improved replication protocol, faster queries, and improved sharding.
  4. Stable API: With the new Stable API, you no longer have to worry about upgrading to the latest database version. Stable API allows you to upgrade to new features at will without forcing you to change your application. Do it completely at your own pace, when it suits you best.

Version 5.0.14 also contains important bug fixes and provides a stable experience for anyone looking to upgrade their database to 5.0. We recommend all our customers to upgrade to the latest version possible to ensure smooth and secure database experience. And as always, ScaleGrid makes this easier than ever. Simply log in to our console, and within a few clicks ScaleGrid deploys the latest version of your choice in a fully automatic manner. No need to manually apply patches or carefully tinker with mission-critical databases, let us do the work for you instead.

Overall, MongoDB® database 5.0 is a significant update that includes several new features and improvements designed to make it easier to work with data and improve performance and scalability. The addition of native time-series is one of the key highlights of this new MongoDB® database version that enables easier, faster and lower cost to application development.

You can find the full release notes for version 5.0 here.

What’s Next?

As you can see on our homepage, we have a couple new additions in terms of databases in the pipeline. Both SQL Server and Greenplum are in the works and will see the light of day very shortly. Feel free to sign up on each respective page to receive more information as soon as we’ve got things to share. We’re very excited to widen our database management service and hope to provide you with an enterprise level solution for all your needs, both big and small. Let us know if you have any requests for future updates or improvements, we are always eager to hear more about your needs to managing databases even simpler and less complex.

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For more information, please visit www.scalegrid.io. Connect with ScaleGrid on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and YouTube.
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