What’s new at ScaleGrid – July 2023

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What’s new at ScaleGrid – July 2023


June was a productive month for our engineering team, with several new additions to our DBaaS that we’d like to share with you. We have a bunch of new data centers you can deploy to, including new Akamai data centers, as well as an exciting new addition in the form of AWS Local Zone support for BYOC deployments.

In terms of patching and version control, we are introducing our new version management system, allowing users to easily get a quick overview of what version your databases are on, and also what minor, or major, versions are available.

Support for MongoDB® database version 6.0.5 is also available today to upgrade your existing databases, or for new deployments. We always recommend our users to keep their databases up to date with at least the latest minor version to ensure security flaws are patched, as well as for improved performance and new features.

Let’s get into the details of this month’s product update starting with the update to the data center availability.

Linode Data Centers

Following Akamai’s plans to add new data centers in 2023 after their acquisition of Linode, they now have a few of them up and running. This means that ScaleGrid users are now also able to deploy their managed databases in these new data centers.

The newly available data centers are as follows:

  • Chicago, US
  • Paris, France
  • Seattle, US
  • Chennai, India
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Milan, Italy
  • Jakartha, Indonesia
  • São Paulo, Brazil

If you’re interested in utilizing any of these data centers, you can deploy, migrate to, or set up high availability today in our console. Simply log in and get started!

AWS Local Zones

With AWS Local Zones, ScaleGrid users can deploy in highly localized infrastructures, with latency as low as single digits. This greatly reduces response times and enhances the user experience of your geographically dispersed users, creating a seamless experience with less hiccups and lag. You can read more about this and its benefits in our newly published blog post about AWS Local Zones on ScaleGrid.

ScaleGrid Version Management

Knowing what version your database is currently on, as well as updates are available can sometimes be a hassle to find out. Especially when you just want to get a quick overview of your whole infrastructure. Another important aspect is security and compliance, where an older version can be susceptible to malicious attacks and bugs. With ScaleGrid’s Version Management, we have simplified these security operations and compliance procedures.

ScaleGrid Version Management UI

It gives you a complete view of all your database deployments across all types, letting you know what version you are on, and what minor or major versions are available. This allows you to ensure you are on the most recent available patched version of each database. It also gives you an auditable and automated patching process at the click of a button. It’s available right now, so why not get yourself acquainted with it and have a look! You can find the Version Management interface under ScaleGrid Insights in the console side menu.

Support for MongoDB® Database Version 6

ScaleGrid now supports MongoDB® Database version 6.0.5, which is the latest available, and also the first 6.0, version on ScaleGrid. It’s important to keep your databases updated and we always recommend our users to update to the latest available version of their DBMS. We wrote an article on what you might be missing out when you leave your databases on an older version, and why you should update. Not only are you putting your databases in a potentially harmful scenario due to unpatched security flaws, but you’re also not taking advantage of the latest performance tweaks and features ensuring a smooth experience. Have a look at our article about updating your MongoDB® Database here.


That’s all the updates we have for you today. Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming months! And as always, if you have any feedback on features and improvements, please let us know your thoughts, your opinion matters more than anything else. Reach out to us either via the support channels in the console, or via our contact form on our website. See you next time!

For more information, please visit www.scalegrid.io. Connect with ScaleGrid on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and YouTube.
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