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Destin is the first comprehensive and unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered integrated platform and chatbot solution for immigration, creating a pleasant experience for everyone on their new journey to Canada. Their bot ensures that you receive fast and accurate answers to your questions, and your progress is transparent and trackable. Perform a quick and free eligibility check at Destin, and let them guide you through the simple process of preparing your own documents through their smart-fillable templates.

Destin also closes the gap between the lawyers and immigrants and access to information in an unbiased, affordable and convenient way. The platform makes it easy to connect with lawyers based on your needs to ensure your application is prepared correctly and expediently.

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Bring Your Own Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Challenge

As a fast-growing artificial intelligence (AI) startup in the immigration space, Destin choose MongoDB as their database of choice for managing their data securely in the cloud. With their focus on the Canadian market, they needed to find a database hosting service that allowed them to host on servers located in Canada at an affordable price.

The Destin developers were also hard at work on building out their product, and needed to keep their focus on development. Instead, they were spending over 37% of their time on MongoDB management, monitoring, and maintenance which was a significant burden on their development schedule. As their platform continued to gain traction, they expected a serious rise in traffic and needed a partner that would help them keep their client’s data safe, and platform and application up and available for their clients.

Destin also participated in startup accelerators, NEXT AI and Legal Innovation Zone, which allowed them to gain access to free hosting credits through AWS. This was an incredible opportunity for them, but they realized their current MongoDB Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution with mLab would not allow them to leverage their credits.

The Solution

Destin CTO, Mahammad Ismayilzada, set out looking for an mLab alternative and found ScaleGrid’s fully managed MongoDB Hosting on AWS. While the other services that offered fully managed hosting in Canada were too expensive, ScaleGrid’s Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) solution was a great affordable fit for them. The unique BYOC model allowed them to host in their own AWS account, and leverage their free startup hosting credits received through the accelerator to completely cover their hosting costs for an entire year. This was an incredible find for Destin, as no other MongoDB-as-a-Service solution offered this ability. On top of that, Destin also applied for the ScaleGrid Startup Saver Offer to get 90% off their Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) plan for 12-months, which has saved them hundreds of dollars this year.

They were also able to experience over 86% in cost-savings compared to the Shared Cluster alternative with mLab, but most importantly, Destin was able to upgrade their cloud infrastructure to secure, dedicated servers on AWS. This upgrade came with the ability to create multiple databases, which was needed to support their AI immigration platform. To ensure their continuity, Destin was able to leverage advanced disaster recovery tools with ScaleGrid to help them automate their backups on an unlimited, customizable schedule. Their developers were also able to remotely manage MongoDB with ScaleGrid’s Web-Based Shell Management tool so they could perform simple commands, and view connections, logs and current operations remotely.

In addition, Destin had access to world-class expert support from the ScaleGrid MongoDB engineers to help them quickly identify, troubleshoot, and resolve any issue that could affect the performance of their application. The ScaleGrid support team helped them migrate their data from mLab, optimize their access AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Security Group, and resolve connection issues they experienced with their SSL-enabled cluster, all in real-time through their live support chat.

The Results

Since starting with ScaleGrid, has been able to successfully service well over 1,000 clients this year, with thousands more expected in the coming months. The MongoDB management, monitoring, and maintenance that used to eat up 37% of their development time, they were able to reduce by over 66% and reallocate those development hours back into their product development. Through the fully managed service, the few hours that they do dedicate to MongoDB are spent monitoring to ensure everything is up and running properly. All of their MongoDB version upgrades, OS patching, and log rotations are automatically handled for them, which has alleviated the burden off of their development team and allowed them to avoid hiring an internal MongoDB expert to manage these operations. With ScaleGrid’s help, Destin is now able to make sure their database servers are up and running, encrypted, and backed up on daily basis to protect their customer data in the cloud.

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“By using ScaleGrid, we have been able to focus on our product development. It has been very cost efficient for a small and young startup like us. We have a lot of new exciting features coming up for our next version and we are sure that using ScaleGrid will keep accelerating our development even further.”

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