How SwiftEngine Streamlined MongoDB® for Apps with ScaleGrid

ABOUT SwiftEngine

SwiftEngine is the first turnkey serverless swift platform for app development. Designed for mobile app developers, SwiftEngine comes with everything you need to create a modern app, and helps you improve your time to market, increase productivity, reduce risk, and lower your costs. Instead of needing three teams to launch a mobile app, you can get your product up and running with one DevOps team. Designed for the modern developer, SwiftEngine integrates with the most popular databases and clouds, including MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

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Bring Your Own Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Challenge

As a fast-growing platform breaking ground in countless industries and rapidly adopting new customers across the globe, SwiftEngine needed a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform that was fully managed so their development team could focus on meeting the demands of their growth. As a platform running on MongoDB, they got started with MongoDB Atlas, but quickly found the DBaaS platform’s costs to be far too expensive. SwiftEngine also needed a MongoDB management platform that was simpler to use, and allowed them to leverage their AWS Reserved Instances tokens without being locked into a long-term DBaaS contract.

The Solution

After deciding a change was needed, Founder Spartak Buniatyan found ScaleGrid’s fully managed MongoDB hosting platform. Coming from ScaleGrid’s competitor, MongoDB Atlas, SwiftEngine signed up for ScaleGrid’s Switch & Save Offer to get 6 months of free service through the Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) plans for AWS. With this initial offer alone, SwiftEngine was able to save tens of thousands of dollars on their management costs, but more importantly, they’re able to reduce their long-term MongoDB hosting and operations costs by over 75% after the deal! ScaleGrid’s BYOC plans lets you host in the safety of your own AWS cloud account and leverage Reserved Instances. This can reduce operational costs by 35% over the long term.

SwiftEngine was also able to significantly reduce their MongoDB maintenance work, saving an extra 15 hours a month since moving to a fully managed service. What used to take time away from their in-house developers, they’re now able to automate through their fully managed platform and keep their focus on bringing more value to their customers.

The Results

Being in a similar space with a different focus, SwiftEngine valued the ScaleGrid model and chose the platform that would help them best meet the needs and scale of their highly demanded services. Their long-term goal is to become a host with server-side development for mobile developers, and bring forth a similar value proposition that they experience with ScaleGrid. Both the SwiftEngine and ScaleGrid platforms take what usually requires in-house expertise, and transform it into an automated, flexible, and easy-to-use solution that empowers developers to do more with their time and costs their company’s far fewer dollars.

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“We love the simplicity of ScaleGrid. We were able to significantly reduce our costs through their Bring Your Own Cloud plans and the Switching DBaaS Providers deal. Support has been amazing as they hand-held us through our entire migration along with any other questions we had. They are literally available 24 hours a day.”


Spartak Buniatyan

Founder & CEO, SwiftEngine


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