MongoDB® Hosting & Management on AWS

Manage your dedicated MongoDB® servers, replicas and shards with a few simple clicks

Key Features

  • Bring your own AWS account

    Unique deployment model. Bring your own AWS account or host with us

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) support

    Deploy your mongodb® clusters in AWS private subnets. Don't expose your database to the internet.

  • High performance SKU for write heavy workloads

    SSD based instances for high write throughput MongoDB® clusters

  • Save upto 30% on hosting costs for mongodb

    Buy reserved instances and save on your hosting costs for MongoDB®.

Dynamic Scale

Dynamically scale CPU, memory and disk without downtime

Slow query analysis

Heat map to automatically identify slow queries in the system

SSL & Disk Encryption

Enable SSL based access. Encrypt data "at rest" for compliance. Backups are also encrypted