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ScaleGrid Cache for PostgreSQL on Azure

Fully managed database hosting service for PostgreSQL on Azure – automate your management in the cloud.

Why Choose ScaleGrid for your PostgreSQL Azure Hosting?

See all our features and discover why ScaleGrid cache is a better choice for your Azure PostgreSQL database hosting and managed databases.

High Performance SSD

Utilize local SSD deployments with our Azure High Performance plans for the best throughput and latency behavior on Azure.

High Availability

Use ScaleGrid to achieve high availability on Azure with support for Postgres synchronous and asynchronous database replication.


Superuser Access

ScaleGrid provides superuser access for Bring Your Own Cloud users who require advanced configuration and customization for their PostgreSQL database.


Slow Query Analyzer

ScaleGrid’s custom built Slow Query Analyzer let’s you troubleshoot Postgres 2x faster and saves you time finding unoptimized queries.

Unlimited Extensions:

Keep your PostgreSQL deployments extensible with full support for any PostgreSQL extension. Request full superuser access and install any custom extension. All of our fully managed hosting plans allow you to take advantage of extensions for your Postgres deployments with any cloud provider.


Azure VNET Support

Deploy PostgreSQL in an Azure Virtual Network and private subnets with our Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) plans to keep your database protected from the internet. Secure communications between your servers, private cloud networks and the internet, so you never have to worry about exposing your data in unwanted ways.

Stay In Control With Full SSH Access

Install custom software agents, tweak system settings or leverage external tools. With ScaleGrid’s BYOC plan comes a highly unique feature in the DBaaS space, full SSH access to the underlying machines of your deployment. You’re not locked into a cookie cutter service with restrictions, you stay in full control of your deployments and will be able to exercise your own internal expertise over your clusters.


Whats Included?

Explore the powerful features of ScaleGrid’s Postgres management tools available on Azure:

Affordable Pricing on Azure

Simple pricing for your PostgreSQL deployment needs:


Dedicated Hosting


All-inclusive hosting for PostgreSQL on Azure.


Bring Your Own Cloud


Host PostgreSQL through your own Azure account.

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ScaleGrid vs. Top Managed PostgreSQL Competitors

Trusted by over 850 companies

We support everything from innovating startups to global enterprise brands:

Trusted by leading brand Atlassian, a ScaleGrid customer
Trusted by leading brand VMware, a ScaleGrid customer
Trusted by leading brand Accenture, a ScaleGrid customer
Trusted by leading brand Sony, a ScaleGrid customer
Trusted by leading brand Polaris, a ScaleGrid customer
Trusted by leading brand BOSCH, a ScaleGrid customer

Deploy your PostgreSQL database in any Azure Region

Global availability for your PostgreSQL deployments on Azure:


  • East US (Virginia)
  • East US 2 (Virginia)
  • Central US (Iowa)
  • North Central US (Illinois)
  • South Central US (Texas)
  • West Central US


  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Cardiff
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Magdeburg

Asia Pacific

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Shanghai
  • Beijing

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PostgreSQL Azure Frequently Asked Questions

PostgreSQL is one of the worlds fastest growing open source databases that is commonly deployed on popular public cloud provider, Microsoft Azure, to host organizations application data in the cloud.

See our list for the best Postgres GUI.

Find your PostgreSQL Azure connection string on the Overview tab of your deployment in the ScaleGrid console for JDBC, ODBC, PHP, Python, Ruby and Node.js. Learn more

Find your PostgreSQL Azure backup tool on the Overview tab of your deployment, and open to start an on-demand backup or customize your backup schedule.

Scale PostgreSQL Azure at ScaleGrid in just a few clicks. Find the Scale button on your Overview page, select your new plan size, and click Scale to automate the scale operation.

Find your PostgreSQL Azure Monitoring Console link on the Overview tab of your deployment to see all the PostgreSQL and OS metrics for your cluster. Learn more

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