Press Release: ScaleGrid Announces Hosting Service for Redis™ on AWS

ScaleGrid is happy to announce the general availability of our hosting services for Redis™* in all of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers. ScaleGrid for Redis™ provides a high performance, one click, and fully managed cloud service solution.

Creating and maintaining a Redis™ master-slave setup on a public cloud is fairly time-consuming operation. With our AWS hosting for Redis™ release, we are now offering our customers the same benefits we do for MongoDB clusters. Our team and software will handle all the operations while you can focus on the application. Redis™ support has been a highly requested feature from our customers. It gives them a single console to manage all their hosting for MongoDB and Redis™ needs.-Dharshan Rangegowda, Founder & CEO, ScaleGrid

Here are some of the key features of ScaleGrid’s platform for Redis™

  1. Bring your own AWS account – Host with ScaleGrid or bring your own AWS account.
  2. VPC support – Deploy your Redis™ servers in public/private subnets of your VPC.
  3. Full admin access to the entire setup – Full admin access to Redis™ and the underlying machine.
  4. Encryption at rest – All Redis™ data persisted on disk can be ‘Encrypted at rest’. If this feature is turned on all backups are encrypted as well.
  5. Custom persistence options – Customize the persistence options for your cluster – RDB/AOF or both.
  6. Reserved instance support – Purchase reserved instances to reduce your hosting costs up to 30 percent.
  7. Cross datacenter setup options – Distribute your Redis™ servers across data centers to solve your caching needs.

For a detailed overview of our features, please visit our hosting for Redis™ page. As always, if you have further questions please feel free to contact us at

Dharshan is the founder of (formerly He is an experienced MongoDB developer and administrator. He can be reached for further comment at @dharshanrg