Press Release: ScaleGrid Announces Hosting Service for Redis™ on AWS

ScaleGrid is happy to announce the general availability of our hosting services for Redis™* in all of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers. ScaleGrid for Redis™ provides a high performance, one click, and fully managed cloud service solution.

Creating and maintaining a Redis™ master-slave setup on a public cloud is fairly time-consuming operation. With our AWS hosting for Redis™ release, we are now offering our customers the same benefits we do for MongoDB clusters. Our team and software will handle all the operations while you can focus on the application. Redis™ support has been a highly requested feature from our customers. It gives them a single console to manage all their hosting for MongoDB and Redis™ needs.-Dharshan Rangegowda, Founder & CEO, ScaleGrid

Here are some of the key features of ScaleGrid’s platform for Redis™

  1. Bring your own AWS account – Host with ScaleGrid or bring your own AWS account.
  2. VPC support – Deploy your Redis™ servers in public/private subnets of your VPC.
  3. Full admin access to the entire setup – Full admin access to Redis™ and the underlying machine.
  4. Encryption at rest – All Redis™ data persisted on disk can be ‘Encrypted at rest’. If this feature is turned on all backups are encrypted as well.
  5. Custom persistence options – Customize the persistence options for your cluster – RDB/AOF or both.
  6. Reserved instance support – Purchase reserved instances to reduce your hosting costs up to 30 percent.
  7. Cross datacenter setup options – Distribute your Redis™ servers across data centers to solve your caching needs.

For a detailed overview of our features, please visit our hosting for Redis™ page. As always, if you have further questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected].