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ScaleGrid for Redis™* on AWS

The best way to deploy, monitor, backup, and scale your Redis deployments in the cloud.

ScaleGrid Management Features for Redis on AWS

Premium Hosting Features: Bring Your Own AWS Account, host in your own cloud

Bring Your Own AWS Account

Host and manage Redis™ in the safety of your own AWS cloud account and leverage your credits and discounts.
Features: Web-based shell management for Database

Virtual Private Cloud Support

Protect your database from the internet by deploying Redis™ in an AWS VPC and private subnets.
Features: Zero operations costs with log rotations, database upgrades and OS patching included free

Use Reserved Instances

Save up to 75% on long-term Redis™ hosting costs with AWS EC2 Reserved Instances on our BYOC plans.
Best Database Hosting Tools: Slow Query Analysis, generate heat maps and identify queries that need indexes

Slow Query Analysis

Quickly improve the performance of your application with advanced debugging and monitoring tools.
ScaleGrid Hosting - Reserved Instances Support (AWS & Azure)

Customize Persistance

Customize your data persistence by enabling snapshots (RDB) and Append Only File (AOF) to record data changes.

High Availability

Distribute your highly available Redis™ replicas sets across different AWS regions and setup failover protection.
Best Hosting Tools: Free Backups with encryption and encrypt data at rest on your disks.

SSL & Disk Encryption

Enable SSL based access, encrypt your data "at rest" for compliance, along with fully encrypted backups.
Features: Bring Your Own Cloud plans let you host in your own AWS or Azure account

No Downtime, Dynamic Scaling

Dynamically scale your CPU, memory, and disk size of your Redis™ servers with zero downtime.
Database Sharding

Redis™ Shard Support

Scale horizontally by adding and removing partitions to the Redis™ key space for sharding on AWS.
Features: Web-based shell management for MongoDB Database and Redis

Custom Alerts & Monitoring Console

Get a detailed dashboard of all of your OS and Redis™ metrics and configure custom alerts on the metrics of your choice.
Job History

Full Redis™ Admin Access

Keep full SSH root access to the underlying machine and maintain 100% admin control over your Redis™ clusters.
ScaleGrid Hosting - Reserved Instances Support (AWS & Azure)

Dedicated Servers

Host your Redis™ clusters on dedicated virtual/physical machines and use your full RAM and disk resources.

Supporting 14 AWS Regions Worldwide

Deploy your deployments across 14 different AWS regions and availability zones worldwide


  • US East (N. Virginia, Ohio)
  • US West (N. California, Oregon)
  • Canada (Central)
  • South America (Sao Paulo)


  • Frankfurt
  • Ireland
  • London

Asia Pacific

  • Beijing
  • Mumbai
  • Seoul
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo

ScaleGrid Plans for Redis on AWS

See which plan works best for managing your Redis deployments on AWS:

Dedicated Hosting

Bring Your Own Cloud

ScaleGrid Pricing for Redis on AWS

Configure your Amazon AWS hosting and management plan for Redis on EC2 instances:

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Redis AWS Frequently Asked Questions

Redis is an open source in-memory data structure store that can be deployed on public cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), to host real-time application data in the cloud.

Find your Monitoring Console link on the Overview tab of your Redis deployment on AWS to see all the Redis and OS metrics for your cluster. Learn more

Find your backup tool for Redis on AWS on the Overview tab of your deployment, and open to start an on-demand backup or customize your backup schedule.

Scale Redis on AWS at ScaleGrid in just a few clicks. Find the Scale button on your Overview page, select your new plan size, and click Scale to automate the scale operation.

Find your Redis on AWS connection details on the Overview tab of your console. Click “show” to view your credentials, and connect through your connection string and the command line syntax. Learn more

Get your time back and save some money along the way with fully managed hosting for Redis on AWS. Plans start at just $9/month, try free for 30-days.

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