ScaleGrid DBaaS Shortlisted for the Cloud Excellence Awards 2018

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ScaleGrid DBaaS Shortlisted for the Cloud Excellence Awards 2018


We are pleased to share that ScaleGrid has made the shortlist for the Computing Cloud Excellence Awards 2018 for the Cloud Data Management Solution of the Year category!

ScaleGrid’s Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform for hosting for MongoDB® and hosting for Redis™* allows companies to easily automate their database management, monitoring and maintenance in the cloud on AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean. We go beyond giving you the tools to manage your data by providing a truly fully managed solution that lets you streamline your complicated operational tasks so you can focus on product.

This category was newly introduced this year, as the demand for data management in the cloud has exploded across startup to enterprise businesses alike. Here’s an overview of the category from the Cloud Excellence Awards website:

Cloud Data Management Solution of the Year **NEW FOR 2018**

This category is for software tools designed for managing and monitoring data in the cloud. The award will be given to the solution which demonstrates the greatest ability to ensure that all of those elements are working optimally. Judges will take ease of use, functionality, innovation and customer references into account.

We are honored to make the shortlist from such an esteemed organization, and excited to be considered for this new and innovative category. Congratulations to the other 117 companies and individuals who are in the running for the 20 different Cloud Excellence Award 2018 categories!

Cloud Data Management Solution of the Year

  • ScaleGrid – Database Management & Cloud Hosting
  • Workiva – Wdesk Helps Enterprises Work Smart
  • Snow Software – Snow for Cloud
  • Content Guru – storm Customer Knowledge System (CKS)
  • NETSCOUT – NETSCOUT Application Performance Management for AWS
  • Cohesive – Rubrik

Best Cloud Analytics Project

  • Trafficware and SWIM.AI – TidalWave by Trafficware and SWIM.AI
  • Conduent – Conduent marketing analytics with Domo
  • Oracle – NHSBSA

Best Cloud Development Platform of the Year

  • Anglian Water Services – AMA Digital Transformation
  • Finastra –
  • Red Hat – Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Best Cloud Project

  • NHS Business Services Authority – NHS Contact Centre
  • NHS Business Services Authority – NHS Cloud Contact Centre
  • 5874 – Chickidee
  • CDW (UK) – The Disabilities Trust Cloud Transformation
  • Oxfam and Rackspace – Migration of Oxfam application estate to Microsoft Azure
  • Salt DNA – Salt DNA

Best Cloud Support Provider

  • Version 1 – Enterprise Cloud Customer Success
  • N2W Software -Cloud Protection Manager
  • FreeAgent – Customer Support
  • Lucidica – Journey to the Cloud
  • Lucidica – Best Overall use of the Cloud
  • Claranet Ltd – Best Cloud Support Provider
  • Invotra Ltd – Doris – Bracknell Forest Council
  • CDW (UK) – ServiceWorks
  • SysGroup PLC – Best Cloud Support Provider
  • HCL Technologies – HCL Cloud Native Services
  • OryxAlign – Best Cloud Support Provider – OryxAlign

Best Hybrid Cloud Product of the Year

  • Abacus Group, LLC – Abacus Group
  • AT&T – Total Access Orchestration (TAO)
  • 6point6 Cloud Gateway – Cloud Gateway

Best Software-Defined Infrastructure Product

  • Silver Peak – Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution
  • AT&T Business Services – AT&T FlexWare Solution
  • CloudShare – CloudShare Virtual IT Labs Solution
  • Box – Box
  • Connect – Hivetalk

Cloud Analytics Product of the Year

  • Adaptive Insights, Inc -Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud
  • Apptio – Cost Transparency from Apptio provides cloud cost insights

Cloud DR and Continuity Product of the Year

  • N2W Software – Cloud Protection Manager
  • N2W Software – Cloud Protection Manager
  • Crises Control – Crises Control
  • iland Cloud – iland Secure DRaaS

Cloud Integration Product of the Year

  • SnapLogic – SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud
  • Red Hat – Red Hat Fuse 7
  • cleverbridge – cleverbridge Integration Services

Cloud IoT Product of the Year

  • Hark Systems – Hark Platform
  • Mercury Global Partners – Dojo Intelligent Platform
  • Salt DNA – Salt DNA

Cloud Management Solution of the Year

  • Densify – Cloe
  • Kaseya – VSA by Kaseya moves on to the next generation of RMM, combining endpoint and network management
  • CloudHealth Technologies – CloudHealth Platform
  • ThousandEyes – ThousandEyes Multi-Cloud Network Intelligence
  • Red Hat – Red Hat Cloudforms and Red Hat Ansible Tower

Cloud Professional of the Year

  • Consulting – Blockchain technology and Digital Engineering with cloud
  • Godel Technologies – Sergey Sverchkov
  • 6point6 Cloud Gateway – Justin Day

Cloud Security Product of the Year – Large Enterprises

  • CyberArk – CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution
  • Transputec – ThreatSpike
  • PureSec – PureSec Tesseract Serverless Security
  • WinMagic – WinMagic SecureDoc CloudVM
  • One Identity – One Identity helps cure legacy access management problems for B. Braun
  • NETSCOUT Arbor – NETSCOUT Arbor Cloud
  • Darktrace Cloud – Darktrace Cloud
  • Clearswift – Secure Email Gateway
  • Zscaler – Zscaler Cloud Security Stack

Cloud Security Product of the Year – SMEs

  • N2W Software – Cloud Protection Manager
  • AlienVault – AlienVault USM Anywhere
  • Alert Logic – Cloud Defender
  • Tresorit – Tresorit
  • Netwrix Corporation – Netwrix Auditor
  • LogRhythm – CloudAI
  • My1Login – My1Login Identity & Access Management
  • Darktrace – Darktrace Cloud
  • Salt DNA – Salt DNA

Cloud Telephony Product of the Year

  • NFON – NFON Cloud Telephone System
  • Natterbox – Natterbox
  • Natterbox – Natterbox
  • Arcus Global – Arcus Answer
  • Salt DNA – Salt DNA

Cloud Vendor of the Year

  • N2W Software – Cloud Protection Manager
  • Novosco – Novosco
  • Oracle NetSuite – Cloud Vendor of the Year
  • ThousandEyes – ThousandEyes Network Intelligence
  • ProspectSoft Ltd – Prospect 365
  • Oracle – Cloud Vendor of the Year
  • UKCloud Ltd – Cloud Vendor of the Year
  • Box – Box
  • SysGroup PLC – Cloud Vendor of the Year
  • HCL Technologies – HCL DRYiCE
  • Salt DNA – Salt DNA

Most Innovative Cloud Product or Service

  • Chef Software – Habitat Builder by Chef Software
  • The Good Exchange – The Good Exchange
  • Adaptive Insights, Inc. – Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud
  • oneclickTM – oneclickTM
  • IPC – Unigy 360 + Connexus Cloud
  • FreeAgent – Most Innovative Cloud Product or Service
  • Anglian Water Services – AMA Digital Transformation
  • Relayto – Alpha
  • Luminance – Luminance
  • Oracle – Most Innovative Cloud Product or Service
  • Red Hat – Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13
  • 6point6 – Cloud Gateway

Most Innovative Cloud Vendor of the Year

  • Intersec – GeoInsights
  • Natterbox – Natterbox
  • BigCommerce – BigCommerce Delivers Scalable Commerce as a Service
  • Luminance – Luminance
  • ServiceNow – The ServiceNow NOW Platform
  • Salt DNA – Salt DNA

Unified Communications Product of the Year

  • Metaswitch Networks – MaX by Metaswitch
  • Invotra Ltd – Invotra
  • 3CX – 3CX
  • Fuze – Fuze 5.0
  • Connect – Hivetalk
For more information, please visit Connect with ScaleGrid on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and YouTube.
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