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Hosting Service for MongoDB® Database on AWS

The easiest way to manage your dedicated MongoDB® Database servers, replicas and shards on Amazon AWS.

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Better Management Features for MongoDB® Database

Premium Hosting Features: Bring Your Own AWS Account, host in your own cloud

Bring Your Own AWS Account

Host and manage MongoDB® Database in your own cloud account, and access advanced AWS security tools.
Premium Hosting on AWS Features: Deploy MongoDB® Database in an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Virtual Private Cloud Support

Deploy MongoDB® Database in an AWS VPC and private subnets to keep your clusters protected from the internet.
Features: Zero operations costs with log rotations, database upgrades and OS patching included free

Use Reserved Instances

Save up to 75% on long-term hosting costs for MongoDB® Database with Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances.
Best Database Hosting Tools: Slow Query Analysis, generate heat maps and identify queries that need indexes

Slow Query Analysis

Analyze your MongoDB® Database operations and identify slow queries on your servers through the advanced debugging tool.
Features: Bring Your Own Cloud plans let you host in your own AWS or Azure account

Dynamic Scaling

Dynamically scale out, up, or down your CPU, memory, and disk size (IOPS) without incurring any downtime.
Best Hosting Tools: High availability cross-region replicas across an unlimited number of AWS regions.

High Performance SKU

Working with write-heavy workloads? Get SSD-based instances for high write throughput MongoDB® Database clusters.
Database Sharding

MongoDB® Database Sharding

Distribute your data across different nodes for horizontal scalability with MongoDB® Database sharding on AWS.

Customize RAM, Disk & Instance Type

Customize your RAM, disk size, IOPS and instance type for your MongoDB® Database clusters at any size for no extra cost.
Features: Web-based shell management for MongoDB Database and Redis

High Availability

Get high availability hosting for MongoDB® Database on AWS with cross-datacenter configurations and custom replica sets.

SSL & Disk Encryption

Enable SSL based access, encrypt your data "at rest" for compliance, along with fully encrypted backups.
Quick Provisioning

EC2 EBS Provisioned IOPS

Configure provisioned IOPS for predictable I/O and throughput-intensive database and data warehouse workloads.
ScaleGrid Hosting - Monitoring Console with MySQL & OS Metrics

Monitoring Console

Analyze your CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, Connections, Read/Write Tickets, and more with advanced monitoring and alerts.

Supporting 14 AWS Regions Worldwide

Deploy your deployments across 14 different AWS regions and availability zones worldwide


  • US East (N. Virginia, Ohio)
  • US West (N. California, Oregon)
  • Canada (Central)
  • South America (Sao Paulo)


  • Frankfurt
  • Ireland
  • London

Asia Pacific

  • Beijing
  • Mumbai
  • Seoul
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo

ScaleGrid Plans for MongoDB® Database on AWS

Built to accommodate businesses at all stages of life. See which one best meets your needs:

Dedicated Hosting

Bring Your Own Cloud

Affordable DBaaS Pricing

Configure your ScaleGrid DBaaS plan for MongoDB® Database on Amazon AWS.

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