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Fully managed MongoDB® hosting in the safety of your own cloud account. Leverage AWS/Azure credits for MongoDB hosting.

Key Features

  • Unique Deployment Method

    Bring your own AWS/Azure account

  • Amazon VPC/Azure VNET Support

    Deploy MongoDB® servers in a AWS VPC subnet or Azure VNET

  • Lock Down Access using Security Groups

    Don't expose your database to the Internet

  • Buy Reserved Instances

    Save up to 40% on long term MongoDB® hosting costs

  • Full SSH root access to the underlying machine

    Full admin access to MongoDB



Hassle free MongoDB® hosted by us. Get your connection string and start using mongodb.

Key Features

  • All inclusive pricing

    No hidden costs. Includes machine, disk & network cost

  • No operations cost

    OS patching, mongo upgrade operations handled automatically

  • SSD support

    Use Digital Ocean SSD or local SSD on AWS

  • Multiple cloud platforms

    AWS, Digital ocean, Azure and many more

  • Full SSH root access to the underlying machine

    Full admin access to MongoDB

Professional Services

Do you need someone to manage your MongoDB® clusters? Our expert support staff will fully manage your database leaving your team free to focus on your application. We handle all the basic database scenarios - create, backup, restore, clone, 24x7 monitoring & scale and also the more advanced scenarios mentioned below.

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Key Features

  • Mongodb schema analysis

  • Mongodb® Query Performance Analysis & troubleshooting

  • Index management for application

  • Four hours of consulting per month

  • MongoDB® Expert Advice

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Scalegrid offers several unique features to make it easy to manage your mongodb® clusters

Bring your own AWS/Azure account

Reduce cost upto 50% with reserved instances. Lock down access with security groups. Deploy clusters in a VPC/Vnet

Mongodb® Monitoring console

Monitoring console to monitor all your mongodb and operating system metrics. Define alerts on custom metrics

Manage slow queries & view database stats

Slow queries analysis

Generate a heat map of your slow queries and identify queries that need indexes

Special High Performance Clusters

Special High Performance Mongodb® Clusters

High performance SSD based clusters for high read & write throughput mongodb clusters

Web Based Mongo® Shell & Management Tools

Web Based Mongodb® Shell & Management Tools

Web based mongodb shell for simple commands. Also view connections, logs, current operations etc remotely

Disk Encryption

Disk Encryption

Encrypt mongodb "data at rest" using volume encryption. When enabled your backups are also encrypted

Dynamic Scale without Downtime

Dynamic Scale without Downtime

Dynamically scale CPU, memory and disk size/IOPS of your mongodb servers without downtime

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports

Monthly reports on mongodb server size & growth. Also includes load report

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