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Fully managed MySQL hosting with high availability, dedicated servers, and superuser control on the #1 Multi-Cloud RDS alternative.

The Only MySQL Service You Can Customize & Control

Easily deploy, monitor, provision, and scale your MySQL clusters in the cloud with one easy-to-use management console. See why ScaleGrid is the #1 database hosting and management provider:

ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Differentiators: Multi-Cloud support for high reliability on AWS and Azure cloud service providers

Multi-Cloud Support

Improve your cloud reliability with multi-cloud support for MySQL on Azure and AWS.

ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Differentiators: Maintain full control over your MySQL deployments with superuser administrative access

Superuser Database Access

The only DBaaS that lets you keep full superuser administrative control over your MySQL deployments.

ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Differentiators: Keep full SSH access to your underlying AWS or Azure servers

SSH Access To The Machine

Keep full SSH root access to the underlying machines, and install custom software agents.

ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Differentiators: Easily transition cloud services with fully adaptable and compatible no vendor lock-in

No Vendor Lock-In

Easily migrate your data at any time with fully accessible and compatible database management.

ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Differentiators: Plugin and extension support for MySQL allows you to install custom components

Plugin Support

Install custom plugins to accommodate your needs with no restrictions.

ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Differentiators: Deploy MySQL on any AWS or Azure instance type with local SSD

Use Any Instance Type

Use any instance type to match your workload, and use with Local SSD: EC2: I3.x, C5d.x, Azure: L4.x

Automate Your Time-Consuming MySQL Operations

See how easy it is to automate your time-consuming database operations with fully managed MySQL hosting:

MySQL Hosting Video Tutorial: Slow Query Analyzer tool helps you quickly identify trouble queries at ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Video Tutorial: Automate Your Backup Schedule and Restore Clusters in One Click at ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Video Tutorial: Configure Firewall Rules to Lock Down Access to Your Cluster at ScaleGrid MySQL Hosting Video Tutorial: Grab Your Connection String to Connect Your MySQL Deployments to Your Application MySQL Hosting Video Tutorial: Create a New Dedicated Cluster with ScaleGrid DBaaS in 5 Minutes MySQL Hosting Video Tutorial: Dynamically Scale Your Deployments On-Demand With Zero Downtime at ScaleGrid

Host & Manage In The Cloud


Manage MySQL On-Premise

Access the Best MySQL Database Management Features

Best MySQL Database Management Tools: AWS Azure Reserved Instances save up to 75% on hosting costs

Use Reserved Instances

Save up to 75% on long-term MySQL hosting costs with Azure or AWS Reserved Instances on our Bring Your Own Cloud plan.

Best MySQL Database Management Tools: MySQL Virtual Private Cloud support on AWS (VPC) and Azure (VNET)

Virtual Private Clouds

Deploy MySQL in private clouds, Azure VNET or AWS VPC, and link to your on-premise IT infrastructure for hybrid cloud deployments.

Best MySQL Database Management Tools: Local SSD-based High Performance MySQL deployment instances for high read/write throughput

High Performance Deployments

Use special high performance SSD-based deployments on Azure or AWS for high read and write MySQL deployment throughput.

Best MySQL Database Management Tools: Encrypt MySQL data at rest with disk encryption and backup encryption

Disk Encryption & Backup

Encrypt MySQL "data at rest" using volume encryption, and enable the encryption of your backups.

Best MySQL Database Management Tools: Free 24/7 support with 1 hour SLA from MySQL experts

Free 24/7 Support

Get round-the-clock support from our SQL expert team of MySQL database engineers with 1-hour SLA response.

Best MySQL Database Management Tools: Security Group access control for MySQL to protect your data

Security Groups

Lock down access with Azure or AWS Security Groups at the protocol and port access level to protect your database from the internet.

Best MySQL Database Management Tools: Quickly identify problem queries with advanced MySQL slow query analysis tools

Slow Query Analysis

Generate heat maps of your MySQL slow queries on-demand or through a custom schedule to identify queries that need indexes.

Best MySQL Database Management Tools: MySQL Monitoring Console tracks performance and provides custom database metric alerts

MySQL Monitoring Console

Monitor all of your MySQL and operating system (OS) metrics, and define custom alerts on any metric.

Best MySQL Database Management Tools: No downtime dynamic scaling of MySQL server's CPU, memory, disk size

No Downtime Dynamic Scaling

Dynamically scale the CPU, memory, and disk size (IOPS) of your MySQL Azure or AWS servers with zero downtime.

Best MySQL Database Management Tools: Get fully automated MySQL maintenance to optimize your cloud database operations

Zero Operations Cost

All of your maintenance operations are automatically handled for you, including log rotations, OS patching, and MySQL upgrades.

Best MySQL Database Management Tools: 100% free backups for MySQL on our Dedicated Hosting plans

Free Backups

Get free backups in our Dedicated MySQL hosting plan, and automate through a backup schedule or perform anytime on-demand.

Best MySQL Database Management Tools: Get MySQL high availability on AWS and Azure with automated failovers

High Availability

Automate failovers to slave servers using industry standard high availability (HA) frameworks for MySQL on Azure or AWS.

Reduce MySQL query analysis time by 84% with ScaleGrid's Slow Query Analyzer tool

Query Analysis

Reduce the time to upgrade your MySQL database versions by 79% with ScaleGrid DBaaS

Version Upgrade Time

Reduce your time to scale up a MySQL deployment by 95% with ScaleGrid DBaaS

Time To Scale

Optimize Your DBA's Time While Reducing Costs

All MySQL hosting plans include 100% free maintenance operations, such as OS patching, log rotations, MySQL version upgrades, performance reports, and custom alerts. We're also the only DBaaS that lets you maintain full MySQL admin and SSH access to the underlying machines, so you can keep control over your databases while leveraging a fully managed hosting solution.

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Three Different MySQL DBaaS Plans For Every Scenario

Bring Your Own Cloud

The only DBaaS that lets you host and manage MySQL in your own cloud account, with advanced features to customize, secure, and automate your operations.

Bring your Azure or AWS accounts

Use your Azure or AWS credits

Azure VNET and AWS VPC support

Buy Reserved Instances

Lock down access using Security Groups

Host with us through Azure or AWS

All-inclusive machine, disk, and network costs

Dedicated Hosting

Fully automate your MySQL hosting, management, and monitoring in the cloud in one all-inclusive platform to optimize your database management operations.

Bring your Azure or AWS accounts

Use your Azure or AWS credits

Azure VNET and AWS VPC support

Buy Reserved Instances

Lock down access using IP whitelists

Host with us through Azure or AWS

All-inclusive machine, disk, and network costs

On-Premise Software

Automate your time-consuming MySQL operational tasks in your own on-premise or private cloud environment so your DBA team can focus on application.

Host MySQL on-premise

Database management software installed on your servers

Private solution control

Leverage hybrid clouds

Lock down access using IP whitelists

Host with us through Azure or AWS

All inclusive machine, disk and network costs

SwiftEngine Case Study: ScaleGrid Featured Customer Story on Database Management in the Cloud

SwiftEngine Streamlines Database Management Operations with ScaleGrid's BYOC Plan

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MySQL Cloud Pricing

Deploy MySQL Dedicated Hosting on Azure, or in your own cloud account:

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  • Disk (GB):
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MySQL Frequently Asked Questions

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a relational database management system, and the world's most popular open source database. With its proven performance, reliability and ease-of-use, MySQL has become the leading database choice for web-based applications, used by high profile web properties including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo! and many more.

What are the popular use cases for MySQL?

MySQL is well known for it's exceptional specialization of OLTP (online transaction processing) transactions, and is also commonly used in social network, ecommerce websites, SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications, and government applications. Most website servers in the world today are run on MySQL.

What are the advantages of MySQL?

As an open source technology, MySQL is free to use with no licensing costs. It is commonly known for being the most secure and reliable database management system, along with flexible, on-demand scalability, high performance, high availability, and transactional support ideal for production environments.

How does ScaleGrid help me manage MySQL?

We handle your time-consuming MySQL management, monitoring, and maintenance operations with free 24/7 support so you can focus on your application. Easily automate your backups, customize your cluster configurations, and analyze slow queries along with these great advantages on our Compare MySQL Providers page.

How is ScaleGrid's MySQL solution different?

We are the only multi-cloud MySQL DBaaS that gives you the option to host in your own cloud account through our Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) plans. You can use any instance type, keep full MySQL super user access, and SSH access to your underlying machines so you maintain complete control over your deployments.

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