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All of our Redis plans are equipped with advanced management features to simplify and save on your operations.
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Redis Management console

Bring our own Cloud

Fully managed Redis hosting in the safety of your own cloud account. Leverage your AWS credits for Redis your hosting.

Key Features

  • Unique Deployment Model

    Bring your own AWS account and credits

  • AWS Virtual Private Cloud Support

    Deploy your Redis servers in an AWS VPC

  • Lock Down Access using Security Groups

    Don't expose your Redis database to the Internet

  • Buy AWS Reserved Instances

    Save up to 40% on long-term Redis hosting costs

  • Full SSH Root Access to the Underlying Machine

    Keep full admin access to your Redis servers

Redis Hosting

Dedicated Redis Hosting

Hassle-free Redis hosting through our advanced Management Console. Grab your connection string and start optimizing your Redis databases.

Key Features

  • All-Inclusive Pricing

    No hidden costs! Includes machine, disk and network (limits apply)

  • Full Admin Access to the Underlying Machine

    Keep full admin access to Redis

  • Zero Operations Cost

    OS patching and Redis operations handled automatically

  • AWS Cloud Hosting

    Host your Redis deployments on AWS

Professional Services

Do you need someone to manage your Redis clusters? Our Redis experts will fully manage your databases, leaving your team free to focus on your application. We handle all of your basic database opreations - create, backup, restore, clone, 24x7 monitoring and scaling, along with these advanced scenarios:

Get In Touch

Key Features

  • Redis Performance Analysis & Troubleshooting

  • Four (4) Hours of Consulting Every Month

  • Redis Expert Advisement

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At ScaleGrid, we offer many unique features to make it easy to manage your Redis clusters:

Bring Your Own AWS Account

Reduce cost up to 50% with reserved instances, security group lock down access, and VPC support

Redis Monitoring Console

Monitor all of your Redis and operating system metrics, and define alerts on custom metrics

Dynamic Scale without Downtime

No Downtime, Dynamic Scaling

Dynamically scale the CPU, memory and disk size IOPS of your Redis servers with zero downtime

Admin Access to Redis

Admin Access to Redis

Keep full admin access to your Redis databases, and root access to the underlying server

Disk Encryption

Encrypt Redis data stored on your disk, and all of your backups

Customize Redis Persistence

Define custom Redis persistence options, and use AOF and RDB

Cross region Replicas

Cross-Region Replicas

Distribute your Redis replicas across regions for the highest availability

Latest Version

Latest Versions of Redis

Keep your deployments up-to-date with the latest Redis version

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