Redis hosting & management

Manage Redis® on public and private clouds

Redis Management console

Bring our own Cloud

Fully managed Redis hosting in the safety of your own cloud account. Leverage AWS/Azure credits for Redis hosting.

Key Features

  • Unique Deployment Method

    Bring your own AWS/Azure account

  • Amazon VPC/Azure VNET Support

    Deploy Redis® servers in a AWS VPC or Azure VNET

  • Lock down access using Security Groups

    Don't expose your Redis® database to the Internet

  • Buy AWS Reserved Instances/Azure annual plan

    Save up to 40% on long term Redis hosting costs

  • Full SSH root access to the underlying machine

    Full admin access to Redis® servers

Redis Hosting

Dedicated Redis Hosting

Hassle free Redis® hosted by ScaleGrid on a cloud of your choice.

Key Features

  • All inclusive pricing

    No hidden costs. Includes machine, disk & network cost (limits apply)

  • Full admin access to the underlying machine

    Full admin access to Redis®

  • No operations cost

    OS patching, redis® upgrade operations handled automatically

  • Multiple cloud platforms

    AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure and many more

Professional Services

Do you need someone to manage your Redis® clusters? Our expert support staff will fully manage your database leaving your team free to focus on your application. Our team can handle all the basic database scenarios - create, backup, restore, clone, 24x7 monitoring & scale.

Get In Touch

Key Features

  • Redis® Performance Analysis & troubleshooting

  • Four hours of consulting per month

  • Redis® Expert Advice

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Scalegrid offers several unique features to make it easy to manage your Redis® clusters

Bring your own AWS/Azure account

Reduce cost up to 50% with reserved instances. Lock down access with security groups. Deploy clusters in a VPC/Vnet

Redis® Monitoring console

Monitoring console to monitor all your Redis® and operating system metrics. Define alerts on custom metrics

Dynamic Scale without Downtime

Dynamic Scale without Downtime

Dynamically scale CPU, memory and disk size/IOPS of your Redis® servers without downtime

Admin Access to Redis®

Admin access to Redis®

Admin access to Redis® and root access to the underlying server

Encryption at rest

Encrypt Redis® data stored on disk. Backups are encrypted as well

Redis® Custom persistence

Define custom persistence options for your Redis® servers. Use AOF or RDB

Cross region Replicas

Cross region replicas

Distribute your Redis® replicas across regions for the highest availability

Latest Version

Latest version of Redis®

Deploy the latest versions of Redis® - 3.2/3.0

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