3 Simple Steps to Create MongoDB Sharded Clusters

With our latest release, we’re now offering our users the ability to deploy and manage complex, sharded MongoDB clusters on our supported cloud platforms, AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean.  This has been our most requested feature over the last few months and we’re happy to open it to all of our customers.  If you’re running shards today, you probably understand how difficult they are to setup and maintain in a cloud environment. Our goal with this release is to make sharded clusters as easy to manage as standalone servers or replica sets.

Our simple yet flexible web console also gives you fine-grained control over the MongoDB data center location of each shard or each replica of each shard. You can also choose to geo-distribute each replica of your shard for higher availability.

In the example below, I’ll create a MongoDB cluster with two shards in three simple steps. Shard-0 will be on the US East Coast and Shard-1 will be created on the US West Coast. Each cluster automatically includes three shard routers and three config servers. Once deployed, you also have the ability to add more shard routers. If you’re interested in customizing the number of shard routers, please reach out to us at [email protected].

  1. Step 1: Enter Basic MongoDB Information

    Log into your ScaleGrid account, and create a new MongoDB cluster entering the basic information:

    Create MongoDB shards on AWS/EC2

  2. Step 2: Shard Basics & Shard-0 Details

    Select the number of shards that you’d like to deploy and the type of replica set for each shard (2 replicas + 1 arbiter / 3-node replica set). Select the data center location for the shard routers, and note the config servers are also located in the same data center as the shard routers. If you’d like to customize the location of the config servers, please contact our support team. Next, select the data center locations for each replica of Shard-0:


  3. Step 3: Shard-1 Details

    In the Shard menu, select “Shard-1” and update its data center location:

    Create MongoDB shards on AWS/EC2, Step3

    After you click next and complete the creation wizard, all 12 servers will be set up and configured by ScaleGrid and your sharded cluster will be up and running in no time!

    Once the cluster is deployed, we’ll also automatically install and configure the MMS (MongoDB Monitoring Service) agent so that your cluster will start to show up in MMS, or use the advanced MongoDB Monitoring Console at ScaleGrid.

We’ll also be releasing an update to our UI soon that gives our customers the ability to easily add and remove shards from their sharded clusters. You can also check out our MongoDB Shards and Unbalanced Aggregation Loads post to learn more about how the underlying aggregation pipelines execute in a sharded environment. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].