NoSQL Trends – MongoDB®, Cassandra, CouchDB & Riak

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NoSQL Trends – MongoDB®, Cassandra, CouchDB & Riak


NoSQL has been a pretty hot topic over the last few years with a number of contenders in the NoSQL world – MongoDB®, Cassandra, CouchDB, and Riak. These are just the main ones, with a number of other playings gaining prominence in the mix (I’ve also deliberately not included the “NewSQL” databases in the list). All the above vendors are doing some very interesting things with distributed, highly-scalable NoSQL databases. But how are they doing overall? I’ve been meaning to build a NoSQL database trends report over the past few weeks. Today, I finally got around to building a simple report on Google trends. Here are the results.

NoSQL trends

Database Trends – SQL vs. NoSQL

MongoDB has a fairly sizable lead,  the other vendors have their work cut out. If MongoDB is right for your website or application, check out our fully managed plans: MongoDB on AWS, MongoDB on Azure, and MongoDB on DigitalOcean.

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