Top 5 Benefits of Shared MongoDB Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-setup options for deploying MongoDB in the cloud, and is used by thousands of companies around the world to host their databases. In this post, we outline the top five benefits of using shared MongoDB hosting to help you decide whether it’s the right for your business.

Shared MongoDB hosting plans are typically best-suited for startups up to medium-sized businesses who need to move fast, develop their customer scenarios, or host a development or testing environment for their application. The most important thing to look for is a shared hosting solution for MongoDB that is fully managed so you have the necessary expertise on-hand to help you monitor, backup, and troubleshoot your database operations. Otherwise, it can significantly impact the security or stability of their application, and consequently, the longevity of your business. This also puts you and your team in a position to focus on building out your application, not getting bogged down by unforeseen database issues.

MongoDB Hosting Configurations for Shared Clusters

Each MongoDB process is run in a separate Docker container, and the amount of RAM allocated to each container is 1/10th of the disk size or storage you use. The minimum supported size is 2GB of storage (200MB RAM), and there is no cap to the size you can grow through these plans. Fully managed shared hosting plans are available for MongoDB on AWS for as little as $10/GB, and include all of the top five benefits here, along with many more bells and whistles that will help you develop a solid infrastructure positioned for growth.

Top 5 Shared MongoDB Hosting Benefits

  1. High Availability

    One of the top benefits of shared hosting for MongoDB is that you can deploy replica sets for high availability to ensure your application is protected against potential failures.

    A three-node replica set is created with each node in a different availability zone (AZ), or different datacenter, of your selected cloud provider. If any single AZ goes down, the replica set will automatically take over so your application stays online without any downtime.

  2. Disaster Recovery

    Backups are extremely important for keeping your data safe, and should always be set up in your shared hosting account to ensure you’re prepared for a disaster recovery event. With a shared MongoDB service, you can automate your backups through a custom schedule so you’re no longer burdened with manually performing this task every day. On-demand backups are also a huge benefit of shared clusters, so you can backup your data before you make any updates to your application.

    Equally important is the ability to recover your data in the event of a failure. With shared MongoDB hosting, you can perform a one-click restore of any of your backups to recover your data from a datacenter crash or bug in your system.

    Another great benefit is the ability to perform Backup Peeks, or Selective Restores, so you can review your backup without impacting your main cluster. This is extremely helpful if you want to recover through a partial restore, such as restoring data from a single collection, so you don’t have to override your entire cluster.

  3. Dynamic, Automatic Scaling

    As a growing company, you don’t want to be bothered with continuously monitoring the size of your MongoDB clusters to ensure you don’t run out of storage space. Another great perk of shared hosting is your MongoDB clusters will automatically scale as you grow so you never have to worry about running out of space or prematurely paying for unused space.

    Your CPU and RAM allocated to the containers scale dynamically as the data in the cluster scales. For example, if your data increases from 2GB to 4GB, the amount of allocated RAM increases from 200MB to 400MB automatically without incurring any downtime.

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  4. Database Monitoring & Alerts

    One of the most loved and desired benefits of fully managed shared hosting for MongoDB is having automated monitoring and alerts for your databases. This is extremely important for young companies who do not have the internal resources or time available to closely monitor their clusters, and need a fully managed solution that will notify them if there’s any change or issue with their hosted clusters.

    This includes the ability to run a slow query analysis, so you can quickly identify any trouble queries that might be slowing down your application. Other amazing monitoring reports you’ll have access to include index usage, jobs performed, system memory, cache activity to name just a few. You can also configure alerts on any of your MongoDB metrics at both a global and cluster level, and customize the thresholds and triggers for when a notification is to be sent. Monitoring plus alerts equal proactive MongoDB users and healthy, happy databases.
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  5. Automatic MongoDB Version Upgrades

    Upgrading your database can be a very time-consuming and grueling task, and many companies put them off which can lead to serious vulnerabilities in your data security. You also miss out on the enhanced features that are available in the new version, which were introduced to help your database run more efficiently.

    Automatic MongoDB upgrades is an amazing benefit, but not all shared hosting services offer it, so make sure you compare MongoDB providers to save yourself time and hassle in the long run! By using a MongoDB service that automatically handles your database version upgrades for you, you’re given 30-60 days notice before the upgrade is performed so you have more than enough time to make any necessary modifications to your application.

These are only a few of the incredible benefits you can get from shared MongoDB hosting, but the list does not stop here. Look forward to accessing advanced features like monthly reports, free log rotations, OS patching, along with 100% MongoDB admin access and SSH root access to the underlying machine. You can find the full list of features on our MongoDB Features By Plan doc.

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