Visual Statistics for your MongoDB Server

We’re happy to announce the availability of visual statistics for your MongoDB databases and collections. Click on the ‘stats’ button to bring up the statistics for your cluster.

Document Count

Examine the number of documents stored in each collection, and in one view, you can quickly compare the number of documents stored in all your collections:

MongoDB hosting statistics: Document count

Collection Size

Examine the size of each of your collections and compare them to each other. You can see both the data size and the storage size:

MongoDB hosting statistics: Collection size

Index count

Examine the number of indexes created on your collections, and eliminate unused indexes to improve the efficiency of the system:

MongoDB hosting statistics: Index count

Index size

Examine the size of your indexes. For best performance, you want your frequently used indexes to be completed stored in-memory. Eliminate unwanted or unused indexes since it leads to wasted memory:

MongoDB hosting statistics: Index size

The raw sizes for each of your collections are also available in our stats table below the graphs. If there are other interesting statistics that you’d like to see in the console, please reach out to us at [email protected].